Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Looking ahead, waiting for the caffeine crash

Sitting at work, orchestrating things, with a sunny blue sky out my window, I suddenly became very very excited. Actually, this is not true. I became very excited after reading this morning’s round of agent and publishing blogs in Google reader. (Note: NO, I don’t spend oogles of time reading blogs, no I do not spend all my time at work shleffing off, and no I do not do anything wrong, ever.) What I do is take a wee peek at the blogs in the morning, quickly. Anyway, back to my excitement. I got so excited that I wanted to puke. Really, heart-racing excited. Why? Because. Things just seems sunny and springy and I have a very good feeling about things.
In general, the summer is full of possibility and it’s so actual that I can almost hold it in my hand.

Then I realized that I‘d had a second cup of coffee this morning, and it was a big one. I usually don’t have that much. With a bit of a sinking heart I knew my excitement was a result of being hyped up from caffeine. But it doesn’t change how I feel about things. I still think things are going to happen. If they don’t—shoot, that’s easy to fix, isn’t it? I’ll just drink a second cup of coffee.
Now for a little fantastic spring-summer, looking ahead music:

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