Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Holy Kittens!

A recent Dear Abby column:

"I have recently enjoyed the success of having my first book published. However, this achievement has begun to change my life in ways I hadn’t expected. I am a somewhat shy and reflective person by nature, preferring to live quietly rather than being in the spotlight. … However, since my books’ debut, I have felt myself pulled into a different sort of world… My in-box is inundated, and I am expected at speaking events and signings … I am becoming more and more uncomfortable and stressed. How can I be who I am without feeling like a disappointment to those who believe in me?
– Not what I expected in the Midwest."

Abby told her: “You are among the lucky few who has been published, and you now have a responsibility to yourself and to your publisher to promote your work and do public relations.”

Publishing is a BUSINESS. Writers are supposedly solitary beasts. I agree with this. I like to sit on my arse on my couch and write and not ever go out. However, this is simply not how life works.

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