Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Delighted About Nick Hornby

I read this morning off Eric’s awesome new blog about books by top authors being rushed to print in order to compete with the tsunami of buzz around Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code sequel. Because of the hype for that book, I’m already tuning myself out to it because I hate popular propaganda (although I might read it, but only out of a passing road-accident style curiosity and nothing more, and perhaps after first having read Ulysses and War and Peace). Anyway, I was delighted to see Nick Hornby mentioned in this article as one of the “top authors” whose book had been rushed to print. Apart from feeling some horror over the idea of being forced to rush a book to print (God I hope it’s ready?), I have recently been thinking about Nick Hornby a lot. This is because I’m going to see him speak in October with my cousin Adrienne. When she asked me to go, I thought sure why not, I’ve read a few of his and liked them. But then I downloaded Fever Pitch, his unabashed love sonnet to football (soccer). I started reading it yesterday and immediately realized the man’s genius. He’s just great, and definitely at his finest with this book, and I’m not just saying that because I too am a lover of football. Although Nick Hornby is an Arsenal fan, and I am so not an Arsenal fan (I am a proud Hibs fan), the book is wonderful even if you don’t like football. It’s funny and charming. And now I am looking forward to hearing him speak extra superduper. (Although I shall not get him to sign anything because it will only end it tears for me. I wish there was a way to tell him thank you for Fever Pitch, even a hoarsely whispered “Thank yooooo Mr. Hornby, for being an obsessive football fan and writing about it!” but I doubt very much that it will happen. If his response is a dismissive “Oh, great, fine, yeah, cheers,” then I shall dislike him and that would be unproductive.)

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