Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Slightly Funny New Yorker Cartoon

I used to work with nice guy named George. George and I had great conversations over the nine years we worked together. We agreed on many things, but also disagreed on a fair amount, too—usually ending in an exchange of what we called withering looks, designed to convey complete and total disapproval. One of the things George and I agreed about was how the Man keeps us lumpen proletariats (except I’m not really one) down.

One of the things we disagreed—heavily—on was the hilarity of New Yorker cartoons. I have never once cracked a smile at any; while one or two may have approached slight amusement-quality, they were usually un-funny or too obvious, cliché, or just stupid. George thought they were funny. Or perhaps he liked a quiet type of humor. I’m not saying I require slapstick Jerry Lewis/Jim Carey (by the way, they are the same person, ever notice that? How come nobody talks about that?) comedy in order to laugh. I quite like subtle humor, and dark humor, and intelligent humor. Anyway, New Yorker cartoons do not even brush those categories.

EditorialAss’s blog recently pointed to one on that was intelligible and funny. Most importantly, EditorialAss feels the same way about New Yorker cartoons. This made me feel better because I have felt quietly bad about myself for not getting them, or thinking they’re unfunny, for years. I felt stupid, in fact. And God knows I don’t need more reasons to feel stupid; I behave badly enough as it is.
Some comics that ARE funny:
Get Fuzzy
And of course the ultimate perfect comic, Calvin and Hobbes.

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