Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Social Networking Head Whirl

Over the years I’ve been playing on the interweb, my paranoia scale has run from red to, um, gray? What I’m trying to say is, I’ve always had a high level of paranoia at any given time about my online presence.

Everyone knows that identity theft is a very scary thing, but I always just paranoid in general, for no specific reason. Maybe I don’t like being touched. This falls in line with my personal space rule of requiring a three-foot block of air between me and the next person at all times. I know this is not nice, but I really don’t like being too close. People have been known to chase me around a room as they advance and I back away in this manner.

So the question is, how much social networking is a good thing? Just having this website is hard enough for me, because my name’s out there, and yet I need my name out there to support my writing platform. Compounding the issue is the use of my maiden versus my married name. And do I want to mix my current employment with my writing career—not to mention my past employment history? God, it’s such a lot to think about.

LinkedIn is the one giving me the most pause for thought right now. On it is nearly everyone I know professionally; but do I want to link that to my web site? I haven’t made the contacts on there yet because of that issue. Surely as I move beyond my current career into a writing career, I should morph the two…but then, perhaps not.

Facebook is another issue. I’m on there, but it’s set for some degree of privacy and I’m careful about friending random people or celebrities. At first it was a race against my mother as to who had the most friends but then I realized that Facebook really is at its best when it’s used as a way to keep up with friends and family and little else, and I took off all the random people and celebrities. There’s the professional aspect of that, too—should I have my professional contacts on there or my public Facebook page? Should I have a public Facebook page at all? I have one but it’s terribly bare because all my friends are over on my other one!


Today I also discovered Google Reader share, wherein you can setup a public share space for blogs you want to share with others. Oh, it’s just another thing to click on, but that’s all the rage right now, isn’t it.

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