Wednesday, July 29, 2009

When do you write? How do you make yourself write?

I was thinking a bit about NaNoWriMo, the annual write 30k words in 30 days drive held every November.

I know it drives a lot of people to write, and focus. This is good. Focus is good.

I personally don’t need it because I am driven to write every day. Things don’t always come easy for me, and there’s a (rather insufferable) part of me that constantly whispers, “You’re a failure because this draft didn’t come out of the gate perfect.” I hate finding logic fallacies, and hate even more discovering them months later. My writing group has helped a lot with enabling me to recognize them sooner rather than later, but still. Anyway, I have to work at it so I’m doing that.

All that aside, I find myself wondering when people write. My cousin Erika would like to write but she doesn’t want to put the time in after sitting in front of a computer all day long. I heard about someone else recently who said they just didn’t have time. Didn’t have time! I work full time and mother my whippersnapper full time and, yes, perhaps neglect cleaning the house a bit, but I am compelled to spend time writing every day. As you can see by my blogging, sometimes more. Blogging in the day helps take the mid-day edge off. How often do people write? And what do you think about when you write? How good you are? How bad you are? Hoping you’ll improve? Writing for the love of it, or with every letter typed out, thinking, “Daggmit if this doesn’t make it into print then I won’t eat my dinner” or something?

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coffeelvnmom said...

I write at my kids' sports practices.

I write in the morning before doing laundry.

I write at the office while I'm chillin', waitin' for the phone to ring.

I write when my kids are swimming and I am sitting next to them on a chair.

I write at red lights.

I write when my kids are watching TV and I'm sitting with them on the couch and they're yelling "Turn off the light Mom so we can see!" and I say "Well you want me in here, so I'm here - but I'm writing!"

I write when the air is just right outside and the sun is no longer burning into my eyes but it's still light enough to sit on my back patio and write.

I write when I should be sleeping.

I write when I think of something and have to quietly sneak my journal off the chair by the bed and doodle the thought in pencil on a page and hope to God that page hasn't already been written on.

As for what I write about - I write about my life, the book I'm writing, and My Thoughts Exactly. =)

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