Monday, August 3, 2009

Being a Green Writer

I was thinking a bit about being green in the workplace. One of my workplaces involves my sofa, which hosts my butt as I write novels. I really believe that offices and businesses need to update their practices to incorporate being green—but I also think that in five years, this won’t even be an issue; much like recycling is pretty standard now. (If it isn’t, then shame. Shame!)

For my part, I do this:
I don’t print my stories out to proof-read them. Shhh, hang on. I use my Sony e-Reader to look at them. There are obvious disadvantages to this, like you can’t edit right there and then on the paper. However, it is so very very nice to PDF the latest draft and stick it on the Reader, and see it as if it’s paper. It’s easy on the eyes and it does about the same job as reading on actual paper does. The downside: you have to do it alongside the laptop in order to make corrections.

I prefer agents who accept e-mail queries. I gravitate towards these first; I realize this might hold me back from a dream super duper awesome agent, but I feel very strongly that I’ll be doing my agenting and publishing and branding all electronically. This is how I live my life and it feels right for me. I have actually submitted to agents the old fashioned way, and may still, but my first choices to submit to are those who accept e-mails.

That’s actually it—-only two items, but I guess it comes down to being paperless. I mean, I do use grid-generated electricity to power my laptop. I was going to try and make the case for being green because I have a laptop but actually this isn’t very green. Laptops, being more disposable than actual workstation computers, probably are less green.

I could say I would take public transportation to writing conferences and things, but…um, I haven’t gone to any. I do use a water glass instead of water bottles as I write. Cripes, I’m not actually that green, am I.

What do you do to be a green writer?


Anonymous said...

I don't have an e-reader yet (someday!), and I am guilty of printing a shitload of stuff, but I do run it all back through the printer to use the backside. And I recycle all my paper (but who doesn't), and I do most everything else online. I prefer agents who accept queries by e-mail but more for my convenience than for any environmental reasons!

Sierra Godfrey said...

I'm sad to say that I prefer agents with e-query capabilities for convenience first, too.

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