Monday, August 17, 2009

I was stimulating the economy

I posted last week or so about being green. I said I never printed out my manuscripts in an effort to save paper. It was actually a huge lie, because I do. (And worse, I don't really have a morally green problem printing them out, either.) I just prefer to read on my Sony eReader, and also I’m incredibly lazy about printing. But I can no longer avoid the truth: printing crap out really does help the editing process. (And you can’t line edit on an ereader.) This is why I found myself shelling out my hard-earned shekels for a laser printer today. I actually went looking for HP 901 black ink but was sucked into the vortex of American consumerism and ended up paying way more than I ever wanted to pay for a Brother MFC 7840W printer. In its defense, it is a printer, scanner, faxer, and it’s wireless. And in my defense, it seems like between writing group critiques and printing my own drafts out all the time, I had to have a reliable printer that was quiet, printed fast, and didn't gobble up ink like a bum with a ham sandwich. I did have an HP Officejet with supposed wireless and fax and scan, but the wireless wasn’t, and it went through black ink like, well, an HP going through black ink (a capacity of about 150 pages, tops). By contrast, the Brother laser printer does about 2000 pages.

For those of you who care, I did compare the Brother to its HP counterpart (the M1319F) and I was struck by how incredibly beast-like the HP was. It's tall and huge and ugly, and its toner is more expensive. That said, it was cheaper. I didn't end up going with it because a) I'm not on speaking terms with my printer right now, which is an HP, and b) It wasn't in stock at Best Buy when I was there.

It seems like the world of printers hasn’t quite caught up to 2009, because most of the printers I looked at don’t have manual duplexing (printing on both sides of the paper). Shhh, between you and me, I actually didn’t look at many printers, and certainly not before I waltzed into the store and bought the outrageously expensive Brother. Don’t tell my husband. He will not like it.

Now if I just had time to read all the pages I plan on printing out.

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Anonymous said...

I have a cheap HP laser printer (two of them actually) and I love it. It isn't a scanner, fax, etc, but it gets the job done!

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