Saturday, August 29, 2009


It is Saturday night, and I am where I most like to be: at laptop, and yes I recognize how nerdy that is. It was a nice hot day today and the morning consisted of coaxing a staunchly unwilling whippersnapper into my mother in law’s swimming pool through a series of bribes, cajoles, and lies. I got him in but there was general foul temper about it. Still, it was fun and nice and now he is slumbering away and I am here ready to work on the story.

Except, I find that I do not want to work on it. I don’t mean writer’s block and I don’t mean procrastination (although there is some of that). I mean, I don’t want to do it. I want it to be perfect—to have already been perfect, see. I want it to have been perfect right out of the gate despite no story ever being that way. I pause to get Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Macadamia (screw the sugar diet; sugar diet is screwed), which nicely allows me to not work on story. I sit down again. I get up, this time to shovel the cat shit out of the litter box. As I shovel it, I think, Oh God it’s come to this. I would rather shovel cat shit than work on imperfect story. No! There’s always a blog to write! (Voila.)

Now to the story. Maybe.

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coffeelvnmom said...

Totally feel you on this one. Especially on the screw the sugar diet part!;) Hope you enjoy your "procrastination", because those moments are nice as well. (Oh and I must be a nerd too because that's how I've been the past few months - I'd way rather sit at the screen than do anything else!)

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