Friday, August 21, 2009

Sharp Little Boy Chatter

Time: 7 am this morning

Scene: whippersnapper’s bedroom. Whippersnapper is unhappy because he leaked pee all over himself from his diaper. He is cold and wet.

Me: Ohh, poor baby. Here, let’s get out of those cold, wet clothes.
WS: No! No!
Me: Don’t you want to be warm and dry? (thinking how much would like to be warm and dry under covers of own bed, sleeping)
WS: Stay home and play today.
Me (Easing WS out of clothes while keeping up chatter): Can’t, I have to go to work.
WS: You come home?
Me: Of course I’m coming home.
WS: You can go to Target and buy a toy. (Tone implies toy is for him)
Me: What? I’m not going to Target.
WS: Yes, you can buy a truck. That’s all right. It can be plastic.
Me (worried that WS knows value of plastic now): Okay, thanks for the suggestion.
WS (nodding decisively): You go to Target, buy truck, come home. Okay. (last word not a question)
Me: Oh, look! A firetruck! (WS looks; I run and hide)

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Anonymous said...

I want to hear him talk! What a cutie!

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