Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sugar Diet

I have decided to lay off sugar. Somewhat.

I eat it every day, usually in the form of chocolate, and have been eating it every day for...mmm....a very long time.

I read in the Sunday paper a "quick tip": if you keep your daily intake to only 15 mg of sugar a day, it will get rid of the flab around your midsection. Mmm-hmm, it said that. I don't know what 15 mg a day equals-- but I suspect it equals the size of something that can only be seen under a microscope-- a size that brings very little pleasure indeed. And I know 15 mgs a day won't reduce that pouch that having had a child results in, but it should help the pouch that I put there through eating chocolate.

In keeping with doing things in moderation, I have decided not to as anal as 15 mg, but to cut sugar where possible. As in, do not seek it out. Do not fiend around the office looking for it or begging asking coworkers. Do not buy it, and most of all: do not shove chocolate in head-hole in the evening (as is my custom).

Now, I am not a huge person, but I do have some areas I would rather not have. In order to help myself stick to this, I will blog about it so that if I fall, the humilation might reign me in.

So far: I have resisted sugar and chocolate but I draw the line at my coffee creamer, which, yes, I know is full of sugar. I am currently on day 2. Expect resolve to be severely tested by tomorrow. Expect sneaky convincing thoughts to creep in, ala "go ahead, this is your 15 mg, what will one little bite-sized 3 Musketeers hurt?" or "I neeeeeeed it. Just this once, then tomorrow back on wagon."

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