Saturday, August 8, 2009

Supporting each other

One of the things I like a lot about the unpublished writing community is that those of us who are trying and setting our tinterweb platforms up now with a web site and a blog are supporting others like ourselves, too. We do this partly to drive traffic to our blogs but we also do this to support each other. Some of us won’t make it, some of us will; in the end it doesn’t really matter because we recognize a fellow soul in what we’re doing. Seems like a lot of us are women, a lot of us have small children, and work, too, in addition to writing, mothering, wifing, and tinterwebbing. (Some of us also spend a lot of time supporting football teams over in Scotland; the Hibs had their season opener today with a 0-0 sleeper; it’s all right, better than a loss, eh? I’m not saying all of us are Hibs supporters but some of us are---fine, it’s just me.)

What I’m saying is that it’s really nice to have the community and support. This is how it’s built. Support and community is not built overnight (God knows), and those of us who take the time to find out what’s what know that this is a necessary step in our path to publishing.

So—thank you to my commenters, thank you for the support. You should know that I am currently procrastinating as I write this, because I need to go change my novel’s ending and it’s a lot of work and I’m not sure how it will change and I don’t want to do it, but I have to because I recognize some problems, but it sucks because it took so long to see that and I don’t want to—in fact I would really rather prefer a nap but I know that if I lie down and attempt a nap, sleep won’t come because I’ll lie there thinking about the ending and so it’s really just much better to write this and visit FailBlog and the Lolcatz instead, maybe a little Facebooking—say, I should probably log into Twitter and maybe tweet a bit too before heading over to Google Reader and catching up on my blog reading, don’t you think?


coffeelvnmom said...

Totally. (In answer to your question, "Don't you think?") Because that is what I do every day too. LOL.

And I agree - some of the networking is to enable us to build a platform - but quite a bit is to be able to vent and get into the heads of other writers as well (which in turn, helps us feel a little more sane. And don't comments just make your day?)

Sierra said...

Comments make my world go round!!

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