Saturday, August 15, 2009

Time Travel Books

Oh, yes. Eric blog Pimp My Novel, a seminal must-read, mentioned this roundup of Top Ten Best Time-traveling Novels. All right, I said, rubbing my hands together in anticipation of seeing The Time Traveler’s Wife up there at number one.

But no, The Time Machine by HG Wells is. OK, thinks I, yes. Yes, this is a very good one and cripes those effing morlocks STILL make the skin on my back crawl, and that was purely from reading it. I’m too scared of them to see the movie. Oh, good one.

Number 2: The Time Traveler’s Wife? No. No, it isn’t. It’s A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court by Mark Twain. OK, good one again. But definitely not emotionally stirring, like, perhaps, The Time Traveler’s Wife or even the Time Machine.

Number 3: The Time Traveler’s Wife? No again. Hmm. It’s Orlando by Virginia Woolf, which I haven’t read. OK, at this point this is clearly not a Top Ten of All Time list, it’s just Linda Buckley Archer’s personal favs. Especially since I haven’t heard of any of the rest on the list. Strangely, The Time Traveler’s Wife doesn’t appear at all.

Now, at this juncture it would be prudent to say that I don’t actually read a lot of time traveler stories, or indeed much sci-fi at all, although I’m not against sci fi. In fact you may notice in my list of books that I’m currently reading over there on the right hand side, Ursula Le Guin’s The Left Side of Darkness. I’ve been having a look at it for a while now. It’s decent. (She switched POV right in the first few pages, which annoyed me, but I forgave it because she’s legendary.) I guess my problem with sci-fi, or maybe just fantasy, is that I require character names to be pronounceable. Don’t give me Aryyngorthshafagye because I can’t say that in my head and I’m therefore not going to empathize with him/her. You may as well say the name is just a series of clicks for all the good it does my reading experience.

Anyway, back to the time travel roundup. I don’t have much to add except saying that my own list would obviously be a short one. Anyone have any to add?

Edit: I can't believe I forgot this and thanks to Michelle for reminding me, but of course I enjoyed Diana Galbaldon's series. I actually read all through book #6 or so before pooping out on it.

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geobabe said...

Hey, that reminds you still have my Diana Gabaldon novels? :)
I'll be around in December...hopefully we can get together.

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