Friday, August 14, 2009


A week ago, I had the most fabulous opportunity to see Underworld live at the beautiful Fox Theatre in Oakland. I love Underworld so, so much. Before you take agin me and this post, please know that I’m not asking you to love them. I am only asking that you appreciate the depths of my love. It was such a good concert, such good music, and they played all my favorites, AND no one annoyed me! (Apart from a guy in a Chelsea FC top but I suppose I can forgive that.)

Underworld was incredibly generous and broadcasted the show live via Quicktime—and they still have the link up for all to enjoy. I have been enjoying it, all week. Repeatedly. If you would like to enjoy it, I encourage you do to so, but again I am not asking you to.

I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration for writing from Underworld songs, which is strange considering I write women’s fiction. I very much want to continue adding depth to my stories (in other words, finding new and interesting ways to emotionally wound my characters, and then have them grow from the experience and come out the other end in much better shape than they were). I find help in that direction from Underworld, I do.

So, thank you, Underworld, for a magnificent concert in Oakland, and we love you, and appreciate everything you did. I’m pretty sure I reached nirvana at the concert.

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