Friday, September 18, 2009

Blog Design

You might notice a new look to the blog. (That's because there is one.)

I got the template from but the templates for not for the faint of heart. They are easy enough to install--download the zip file, upload the XML file using Blogger's Upload Template feature--but I did a lot of customization to this. I don't know XML but I was able to go through and by trial and error, pick out stuff.

Anyway, is awesome and if you want something a little different for your site, check it out.

In the conversion, my embedded comments have disappeared and now we have an annoying pop up box for comments, but at least they're there. I'm still looking for a fix.

I also found a whole collection of very cool-looking RSS Feed images that you can use for your own site, like this one:

Find this and more here.

Finally, one thing I've been using for a while on the blog is SiteMeter. I can't speak highly enough of this free tool. It shows how many visitors your blog gets, the country them come from (hi, Belgian visitor! I appreciate your repeated visits! You're awesome!), how long they spent and even the referring page in--so if someone does a Google search for me or a term and this blog turns up, then I know it. It's really great and I highly recommend it.

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