Thursday, September 3, 2009

Things about Thursday

1. I do not like Marin County drivers. They drive too slow and they talk on their cell phones without a hands-free device. Outrage!

2. This morning when dropping the whippersnapper off at daycare, all the little boys got into a Very Serious discussion about feeding ducks, should they have the opportunity to feed ducks. They were all extremely clear whether they would, or would not, feed ducks. They tried to rope me in to the conversation: “Whippersnapper’s Mommy! Do you feed ducks?” But then they were distracted en masse by the appearance of jelly for their breakfast.

3. When I was driving to Berkeley yesterday evening (yes, technically this is a Thing About Wednesday), the evening sun made everything golden and copper and I just loved it and I felt happy. In that light, I had the idea for a thousand stories, a million characters, a pile of lines. I wished I could enjoy that light every day but alas I can’t so instead of lamenting the fact, I enjoyed it while I could.

4. I snickered when I read this morning that Chelsea is banned from signing any new players until January 2011. Snap!

5. I am feeling very happy today despite the Tylenol I had to take for a teeth-grinding induced headache. My happiness is unexplainable and most likely to do with hormones because I am completely enslaved to my hormones. Sometimes I secretly fear that my hormones are actually what make my personality, but that is a bad path to go down.

6. Please. Enjoy some Rez:

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