Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tweeting: Some Thoughts

Twitter is still confusing to some, but to others it’s the preferred short-hand way of communication, quickly, with the world. I personally love it. I love that I can only say things under 140 characters, and I love that I only have to read things under 140 characters from other people. This means information is faster. I also like the personal connection of hearing from musicians or writers or friends, and I like that it’s easy to randomly follow people who are interesting. I have a few random followers myself. I don’t know how they found me, but I like it. (Note: I do not like the explicit followers. They're like errant chin hairs: you have to keep a constant watch for them. As I tweeted earlier in the week, I am not your target audience, you gobshites. )

There’s lots of columns and posts out there about Twitter etiquette, like not tweeting that you’ve just taken a poop, but I would just like to add one that I haven’t seen: it’s good to keep conservatism of tweets in mind in addition to all the non-tweetable subjects. I kind of dislike noisy Tweeters. You're a bit of a saddo if you tweet every four seconds. The flipside of that is consistency. If you tweet at least once or twice per day throughout the day, that’s consistent and nice.

I think the biggest problem people might have with Twitter, when just starting out with it, is having something meaningful to say. This, indeed, is a challenge if your brain is empty most of the time like mine is. That’s when you start reverting to feelings of the moment (“I am angry and hateful and want to smack a coworker”) or recent actions (“I just vomited, and now my shirt smells”). Try to avoid that—just keep quiet if you can’t think of anything to say. But do say things when you have them, consistently.

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FictionGroupie said...

I'm still trying to get into twitter. I have an account (@fictiongroupie), but I have trouble remembering to update that daily along with my blog along with my facebook and myspace, etc, etc. And I agree, those explicit followers drive me nuts. Do I seem like the type that wants to looks at pics of naked girls? um, hello

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