Monday, September 28, 2009

Visualizing Your Plot

I am a very visual person and find that it's often most helpful to see the big picture of my novel so I can easily add, delete, or move elements around conceptually. I know a lot of writers use post it notes and other diagram contraptions. Some people stick notes on the wall, some use flashcards. Some use software.

I use an 11 x 17 piece of paper. I draw a box for each chapter and put them linearly, on both sides of the paper. With in each box I just put the chapter number, a simple description (four words at the most) of what happens, and a one word (if possible) description of the goal, conflict, and disaster for that chapter. It doesn't always work but I have definitely been able to see where certain scenes lack using this method. I also can see the entire book in one go. I can draw which chapters have the major plot elements (act 1, climax, midpoint, etc.). I use the tiny sized post it notes to write notes to myself about changes or move things around.

YA author Janice Hardy
, who by the way is giving a nice interview on publishing here the week of October 6 (when her new book The Shifter comes out!), has a great writing blog and had this awesome post on scene diagnostics, and I liked it so much that I visualized it. Here it is in PDF form.

(You'll need Adobe Acrobat viewer to see it.)

Finally, Plot Builder software is very interesting; I like how visual it is. It's not for me, but I LOVE this simple and effective representation of the story, which they call the "Excitement Graph":

I love the simple lines, uncluttered labels, and easy way to see the way stuff should go. Easy enough to draw on a piece of paper, really.

Anyone else use other methods for visualizing their stories, and/or keeping things straight?

More methods:


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