Thursday, September 24, 2009

What We All Aspire To

Today, I give you the extremes of what we all aspire to as authors. Oh sure, we all want to make enough money to quit our day jobs (that's totally going to be me). Sure, I'd take a little NYT bestseller status. Oh, all RIGHT. Fine. I'll take your Booker prize, just please stop shoving it down my throat already! (And anyway you've mistakenly shoved it because I'm not a citizen of the UK.)

We all know JK Rowling, who is so rich that she's richer than JK Rowling, has ascended to the height of fantastical author dreams, especially when you consider how poor she was and probably sleeping in gutters when she started. But I bet she never expected (no, not the Inquisition) a THEME PARK based on her books. Holy Krakow!

Check this little gem out:
“Wizarding World, drawing on Ms. Rowling’s legions of fans, will allow Universal to ease its reliance on the Marvel characters and, to some degree, attractions based on the movies of Steven Spielberg. Mr. Spielberg has a spectacularly rich consulting contract that gives him about 2 percent of the resort’s gross, or an estimated $20 million a year, in perpetuity.”


But let's press the elevator's down button, shall we? Having people blog about your rank-rotten writing, as they did to poor wee Dan Brown in "Dan Brown's 20 worst sentences" has got to be pretty awful. I'm sure he was expecting this kind of vitriol in the bruhaha following The Lost Symbol, but no writer, however crappy, wants to be told they don't write well, and then have that shared with millions of people. Oh, shivers.

(And, by the way, some of the lines listed are overly picky and pedantic, and not in a fun way. I was all set to gleefully agree and chortle over Dan's poor mastery of the language, but I found myself feeling sorry for him instead. Yikes, how many times have I committed the mistakes listed? Worse, how many times have I committed them AND THEY HAVEN'T BEEN CAUGHT YET?)

Back up a few floors. What do you really realistically want out of your writing? Probably, you can't stop. Probably, validation that you're not writing crud is reward enough. Those are mine (but come on, I'll take riches too). What are yours?

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CKHB said...

Yay! I can comment again!

Okay. I aspire to having people talk about my book. This is why I want it to sell well -- not because of the cash (although cash is nice) but because the more people buy it, the more likely it is that some people will actually like it enough to want to share it with other people, and discuss it. I would LOVE for people to think my book is interesting enough to have it as a book club choice. That would be just wonderful.

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