Friday, October 2, 2009

Google Reader Roundup Friday Oct. 2

Here's my Google Reader roundup for the week, which is the best posts I read this week for the blogs I subscribe to in my Reader.

Banned Books Week!
at Heim Binas Fiction.

NEVER GIVE UP from BookEnds Literary.

Robert the Publisher's Gem of the Day
from Moonrat

Exploding the "Must Have Connections" Myth from Pubrants

This is technically from last week but I like it so much (and this is the inaugural Friday Google Reader Roundup [TM], so): Is your Main Character YOU or the person you want to be? from Marsha.

OK. Now I'm totally going to pull an ass move and list one of my own posts. But I have a good reason! It's because I have a FREE FREE FREE Plot Diagnostics tool, by way of the awesome author Janice Hardy, who by the by, will be guest interviewing here on THIS BLOG next week! Yes! I know, huh! So, go back and have a wee look at this post and download the diagnostics PDF that I put together. Do it now.


Jm Diaz said...
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Jm Diaz said...

I've done downloaded your plot diagnostic thingy. I'm sorry, not thingy, but plot chart. And as simple as it is, its brilliant. It is a quick and easy way to question yourself. Fortunately, I went down the list with YES, but I might be a bit biased ;)

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