Monday, October 26, 2009


Some of my fellow bloggers have put their bold selves out there and asked their readers to ask questions, which the blogger then answered.

I was shocked, quite frankly. What if I asked for questions and didn't get any! So kudos to those who did that (and, happily, they got lots of questions).

So instead of opening myself up to questions (oh, go on then if you want), I will now answer some of the questions that I get repeatedly in my mailbag.*

*No, not really. I don't have a mailbag and no one writes me. I've totally made these up.

Q. Is the book about Greece your first novel?
A. No, it is not. I wrote a novel that was badly formed and *ahem* quite long (cough cough 210k cough) and meandered and in the end, wasn't remotely salvageable. I loved the characters though and they have stayed with me.

Q. Are you Greek?
A. No, I am not. I lived in Greece for a while. I once told someone at work that I lived in Greece as a kid and he said "Oh, is that your way of trying to tell me that you've lived abroad?" Sheesh. Sheesh. Yes. Sheesh.

Q. Do you think Ricky Gervais is brilliant?
A. I do actually, and I'll tell you why: he unabashedly laughs at things that are funny. Not enough people do that.

Q. Who are some of your favorite authors?
A. I really love Marian Keyes, not because of all the pioneering genre work she's done, but because her stories are genuinely funny and enjoyable. And, instead of letting things in life get her down, she makes them sound funny. I would like to be BFFs with her. But outside of women's fiction I'm a big fan of Ian Rankin, Scottish author of the Rebus detective series. (And not the least of which because Hibs are frequently featured in the books.) Other long time favs: Bill Bryson, Gerald Durrell, Maeve Binchy. For more UK boy authors, I like Nick Hornby and yes, I've made it through several Irvine Welsh books and understood them. Including reading all of Filth.

Q. Yeah?
A. Yeah.

Q. What is the funniest thing your whippersnapper has said recently? And how old is your whippersnapper?
A. Last weekend we went to train museum where there was a smallish steam engine parked inside the museum. Behind it was a tender (the small car used to hold water to fill the steam engine.) When we got home, the whippersnapper said, "I didn't like the steam engine because it wasn't coupled to the tender." Coupled. To the tender. He is three.

Q. Have you played any practical jokes on anyone lately?
A. Why, yes, I have. Funny that you ask. Yesterday, a guy in my company (let's call him Jim) joked to another guy (we'll call him Mustafa) that he was going to park very close to his car, and then get another colleague to park very close on the other side, and the Mustafa wouldn't be able to get in his car. It was just a joke, see. But today I came back from lunch and the space next to Jim's car was open, and Mustafa happened to be parked on the other side. So I parked way close and then called Mustafa to come move his car close. Oh, the laughs we had. Joke was on me, though. Like an ass, I didn't reverse in, so my driver's side door was parked too close to Jim's. So I had to get in and get out of my car through the passenger side. Then I was reminded of how utterly AWESOME it is to get in and out through your window, Dukes of Hazzard style, and was not so embarrassed anymore (even though it was a door, not a window).


CKHB said...

Ricky Gervais rocks. Have you seen EXTRAS? Go see it immediately.

Questions: what is your favorite Greek food? do you know what your next novel is going to be about? what is one place you haven't traveled but would love to?

Sierra Godfrey said...

Ooh, nice questions, Carrie!

My favorite Greek food is probably a tie between dolmas (grapeleaf wrapepd rice) or spanikopita (filo dough, spinach, and feta. yum!).

I do know what my next novel will be, as I'm half way through it. The one after that....I have three vague ideas floating around that I haven't given form to yet on account of not yet being there.

I would love to travel to Amsterdam. I am so envious of everyone who gets to go there.

Roni @ FictionGroupie said...

Thanks for sharing! And what your son said is so cute. Smart one you got there.

Tina Lynn said...

Okay. One of the funniest things my whippersnapper said lately is (drum roll, please)...

Sorry, anyway, my oldest whippersnapper was telling my other two whippersnappers about how awesome she thought the movie Nine(9) was...sorry had to do that, too. And they wanted to know what it was about. My oldest said, "I don't want to tell you anything or it will give everything away."

My youngest who is six(6) was completely horrified, and she asked, "Even our house?"

Gotta love them whippersnappers!

coffeelvnmom said...

Coupled to the tender! HA! What a smarty pants you have there!

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