Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Six-Word Game

Okay, okay, okay. Okay. I love this. Janice Hardy, author of The Shifter, who gave a fantabuloous-oso interview on THIS VERY BLOG (yes), had a link up in her blog for another interview she gave.

One of the questions posed to Janice was this:

Hemingway reportedly called his six-word story ("For sale: baby shoes, never worn") his best work. What can you tell us about your book in six words? (They don't have to be your best six.)

Janice's answer:

Eek, six words? Hmmm… “My sister’s in trouble, Gotta run.”

Love it!

Now I am a tad wee bit tiny somewhat skeptical of Hemingway's "best work" there (but then, I am not a fan of any of his work), but I like this as a game. I like games. Can you sum up your work in progress/completed novel in six words? Here's a few to get you started:

Twilight: "Love means not running from vampires."

The Godfather: "Sometimes family obligations trump your morals."

Nick Hornby's Fever Pitch (his awesome memoir about football): "Football defines all of my life."

You know, I should probably search the tinterweb and see if this has been done already. I bet it has. So what. I had fun making those up above. Now, here is mine for my own novel:

"Santorini heals wounds, but be careful."

What are six words about your work in progress/finished novel? Post them in the comments!


CKHB said...

FABULOUS! I am so posting this at my blog today.

My novel could be described as:

Adversity reveals character, for the better.

Tina Lynn said...

I saw three words once--thought that was a little over-the-top difficult. This is so much better.

Mine would have to be ~ Sometimes having a stalker is good:)

You have an award over on my blog:D

Travener said...

Detective uncovers evil conspiracy, finds himself.

Sierra Godfrey said...

Awesome you guys! I love all of these. Tina, thank you afor the award and I am totally intrigued... When is a stalker good?! Keep these rolling and alternate versions are allowed!

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

Ohh, this is fun.

Here's mine for the moment... I might be one to submit a do-over.

Her ex-boyfriend's suicide is her fault.

Tamika: said...

I love this, I am going to snag this idea for a later post, I hope you don't mind me referencing your original post. How fun!

Here's mine:

Grace discovers the lie, a father revealed.

Jm Diaz said...

"He died. Now her turn"

Sierra Godfrey said...

Guys, these are great! I'm so intrigued by these plot summaries!

Roni @ FictionGroupie said...

I'm going to have to think about this one. Hmm...this is hard.

For my YA: Her soul's not hers to keep.

coffeelvnmom said...

Yours sounds perfect I think, Sierra. Good job. I have been brainstorming for ten minutes. I'll get back to ya on this one.LOL The rest of the comments on here are great!

coffeelvnmom said...

Okay I guess this will have to do.

Life is unpredictable. Cherish every moment.

Meghan said...

This reminds me of Larry Smith's Six-Word Memoirs:

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