Friday, November 20, 2009

Google Reader Roundup

Here's my roundup of my favorite posts this week from the blogs I subscribe to in Google Reader.
  • Did you hear the announcement last week about the inauguration of Agent Inbox? It's a new service that acts as a query clearing house of sorts, where you sign up and they send the query to appropriate agents and editors and of course offer editorial help if needed. So far it's free for authors. Victoria Strauss at Writer Beware has a good post about this including this gem: Creative Byline, which has been in business for more than a year and a half, continues to have difficulty expanding its publisher list (currently, only six publishers are signed up), and has reported no sales as a result of writers' use of the service.
  • Editorrent's awesome follow up post to the three-act plot concentrates on The Reversal....that point in a novel where something changes.
  • Again with the awesomeness: Editorrent continues in the series on plot: the Dark Moment. God I love this.
  • 7 things I've learned so far by writer Mike Chen. Now, here's one thing that I'VE learned. Often you can tell a good writer by their blog, and Mike Chen is clear, succinct, and funny. You'd have to be to write novels, marketing copy, and hockey columns for Fox Sports. Read him. Do it now.
Next week, don't think I'm slowing down because of Thanksgiving. Here Monday through Wednesday. Be here or be square. (I love that saying. "Be square." Like that's such an insult. Can you imagine back when it was? OMG, I'm a square, can't stand it! Love it.)


Julie Dao said...

Thanks for the links! I heard about that amazing story (the Twitter agent) from Melane. Amazing with these networking sites can do for people!

Tina Lynn said...

Wow, Sierra, the Dark Moment post is so timely I could kiss you!

CKHB said...

Thanks for the editorrent link and heads-up about Debra!

Sierra Godfrey said...

Julie and Carrie: Debra's story is amazing but I think it really needs to be taken with a grain of salt because I recall seeing Bookends agent Jessica Faust shut someone down on Twitter who tried to engage her on hearing about his project. So, it sort of seems like the situation, person, and timing has to be exactly aligned, as it was for Debra.

Tina--Editorrent's plot series is the most helpful I have ever seen. If you haven't read the three act plot post, definitely find it on their site. It's totally spot on and quick.

Travener said...

I kept a little note off to the side -- "Need a dark moment" -- as I wrote, though I didn't actually come up with one until the second draft. But it's in there!

Sierra Godfrey said...

Travener--Note that Editorrent says not all stories need a dark moment. I personally love them because I love really hurting my character so that the rebound into resolution is stronger. Yours may not need it.

Mike Chen said...

"Read him. Do it now."

What was that? I think it was the sound of hundreds of literary agents attacking their keyboards in a mad rush to contact me.

No, wait. It was my kitten walking on my computer. Damn. Thanks for the recommendation. :)

Sierra Godfrey said...

Mike, that was me being bossy LOL. You wish literary agents read my blog. Not yet. Not yet.

Meghan Ward said...

Great list, and thanks for the link! I haven't read about Debra yet. Exciting!

Roni @ FictionGroupie said...

Thanks for the linkage, I'll have to go check out the others. :)

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