Monday, December 7, 2009

The Sky is Falling

…on publishing. Here are my thoughts.

Oh God, our beloved print books are going to go away. All will be ebooks and then what? No deckled edges, no smell of ink on paper, no whipping back and forth from front to back of book, or rubbing pages between the fingers. OH GOD.

Not so fast. EReaders have a long way to go before they edge out prints. Consider: ebook pages don’t turn as fast as the real thing. Screen readability technology has some improving to do (although I believe it is nearly there; eReaders are very readable). Books on our shelves are still a personal statement and we’re not ready to let that go yet. In airports, those who don’t have eReaders still need to grab a paperback before a flight. You can’t browse for ebooks. You wouldn't want to spread multiple eReaders all over your desk when you're studying or researching. We still have a ways to go.

Oh God, there will be no quality in books once we all start self publishing! Literature is dying!

Come on, I’m a reader. I'm not going to buy shite. I'm going to buy books that have been edited and vetted by a publisher. That issue will sort itself out.

Oh God, publishing is collapsing around us like dominos! How will unpublished writers ever make it?

Perseverance and an ability to adapt. Things are changing, but guess what: we have a long way to go before it all shakes down into a new reality, so just keep writing for now.

Oh God, I’m writing about vampires, I love vampires, vampire stories are everything—and they’re passé now!

Write about harpies instead, please. (I beg of you.)

Oh GOD, everything’s changing!

Yes, it is. Were you born in 1899?


Travener said...

Sometimes it feels like I was born in 1899... I doubt real books are going away. They're too convenient in many ways. Bt there will be a lot more e-books. So what? If anything, it ought to make things easier for the great unpublished masses (i.e., us).

Jennifer Shirk said...

Oh, gosh, no, e-books won't take over completely. But it is interesting to see electronic books grow so fast.

Roni @ FictionGroupie said...

Great picture, lol. I agree, we have to be open to change but also realize that change rarely comes quickly, especially in the publishing world. I love ebooks so that part doesn't freak me out. Self-publishing is someone's prerogative, but I personally am not going to be buying those. I have enough trouble not editing in my head those books that have been through the proper ranks. And vampires? Well, they are overdone, BUT if the story is great, then I'll still read it whether it's vampires, harpies, or underwear gnomes (SouthPark reference). :)

Sierra Godfrey said...

UNERWEAR GNOMES!!! Holy Krakow Roni! LOL!

Jennifer-- It is interesting, and my primary concern about ebooks is that thge publishing industry sorts out pricing, pronto.

Travener - Agree on the easier front. Right now i'm happy going back and forth between my eReader and print books.

Meghan Ward said...

I'm getting an e-reader! And I'll still buy print books, especially since not all books are available in e-books format. And I agree about self-publishing. Books will be vetted by bloggers if not publishers. The system will change, but there will still be a system.

staceyjwarner said...

It will be interesting to see how it all shakes out...if there is more opportunity for geat writers to be read that is all that matters...

much love

Anonymous said...

I've been reading 1 ebook for over a year, while I've read around 10 plus print books. still is much easier to turn the page while reading a book. I love your take on it.

Tina Lynn said...

All I need to think about to know that print books aren't going to disappear are my kids. There is no way those little buckets of snot would ever get one. I've seen how they treat everything else. There will be books in print for a long time.

Sierra Godfrey said...

Meghan, is it the Nook?

Stacey, thanks for following! You're so right.

Michelle, agree on the speed of the print.

Tina, I often think about print books and son's books would never fly in eReader format and it seems like the children's book market is huge.

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