Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Word Up Wednesday: Rapscallion

This week's word is rapscallion. A rapscallion is playfully mischievous, a scoundrel, and a rascal. In fact the word derives from "rascallion," which means rascal. I love these words because they all describe an awesome and delicious villain.

Villains are particularly good when they're mischievous and funny. In my novel about Santorini, my villain starts out as a rapscallion but sadly doesn't stay one. (He doesn't turn good, either.) Rapscallions don't always have to be bad, though. How about "occasionally criminal"? Han Solo is assuredly a rapscallion, but not bad. The word gives me an image of what he (because it seems that a rapscallion is always a he, no?) looks like too: on the thin side, wiry build...probably scrappy, and perhaps good with a sword. Foxy, in other words.

It seems pirates are often rapscallions. (Johnny Depp is certainly a rapscallion in the Caribbean movies, and oooooh what a rapscallion he is!) There's a rapscallion font, and it looks like a pirate font. Synonyms include scoundrel, rogue, scamp (scamp is a great word, too). It also carries a sense of old timeyness to it that makes it a delight to use.

Here's my sentence.

He looked into my eyes before turning to leap over the brick wall and make his escape--and for the split second the rapscallion held my gaze, I was his.

What's yours?


Jm Diaz said...

I'm gonna have to start using rapscallion in everyday conversation. Surely, this will up my coolness by at least 28%.
How cool is that?

Travener said...

Hey, Sierra, lover of cannibals -- do you think they add rapscallions to soup to give it flavor?

Sierra Godfrey said...

Ha ha Travener, I surely hope so. Nice one. Well done!
JM, no doubt -- try 54% at least.

I managed to used rapscallion in a conversation last night.

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

You've had a few rapscallions comment on your blog today!

Also, the word makes me think of green onions. Scallions! Yummy.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I have a few rapscallions in my high school English classes! I love this word! :)

Tara McClendon said...

I'm a sucker for rapscallions--especially Captain Jack Sparrow. It's a fun word. Maybe I'll start calling my son a rapscallion instead of a goober head.

Stephanie Thornton said...

Ohhh... I should start calling my students rapscallions. I love sending them running for a dictionary!

Tina Lynn said...

You forgot to add scruffy looking nerfherder to the list! How could you?

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