Thursday, January 28, 2010

Five Ways to Perk Yourself Up

It's time for the Thursday 5 again, and this week it's a list of ways to perk yourself up in the face of rejection. But before I give you the five, I must clarify two things. One, I'm going to concentrate on ways to perk yourself up in the face of the idea that you may never get published. Two, holy KRAKOW, Hibs played Celtic today and smacked the lesser greens (that's celtic; they're lesser) DOWN 2-1! This is huge because it has been very difficult to win against the slimy Glasgow unwashed (that's celtic; they're slimy soap-dodgers) and it really was huge for us in this very crucial winter transfer time. It was such a fantastic game today that BBC even put it on its homepage, yes they did. Not the Sport homepage, no, but the MAIN BBC homepage. (That's Danny Galbraith who scored the winning goal in the 92nd minute, holy KRAKOW!)

Now then.

1. Take solace in the fact that you're not that weird guy spams all the agents with different addresses and insists he won't stop until he publishes his weird book.
You may have heard of this guy on agent blogs. They all think he's vile. If you're not him, you've already got a good shot.

2. Be glad that you're a writer who blogs and is technically proficient enough to understand the value in blogging and online networking for writers. Lots of writers don't, or won't, and you've got a leg up just by knowing that you can read agent blogs. Goodness knows how people learned about the publishing industry before the tinterweb. Oh and hey, next week my theme is blogging for writers. Just saying.

3. You've got support.
This is sort of like #2, but it's true. I know most of my blog readers are other writers; I direct my posts to you as a result. But this online community of writers is really something special and when I get an agent someday you'll all be here to cheer me on, and how cool is that? And you know I will do the same for you.

4. You have all your fingers and you can work a computer.
There's lots of people who can't. Thank goodness you have the tools to support your writing passion.

5. It isn't you; it's just that you weren't right for them at the right time.
I left a comment on Lt. Ccccyyyxxxx's blog about this--that I recently posted a job ad for a position for my company on Craigslist and got a ton of response. There were a lot of good candidates. Some were really good, but just not right for the position. This will be the same with your query. Your book may be good, but might not be right for the agent or agency. It's not personal, it really isn't.

Do you have any other pearls of wisdom to add to this list of ways to perk yourself up in the face of rejection?


CKHB said...

You had me at #1. Abused woman composer guy. He's giving queriers a bad name, but in a weird way he IS making it easier for the rest of us!

I'm unpublished, but at least I'm not universally hated by all those in the industry!

Travener said...

#3 is important to me. Writing is kind of a lonely pursuit and sharing the experience of trying to get published with others, and their sharing their experiences with me, has made it more tolerable.

Matt said...

Wow. Those are all so simple. That's the kind of encouragement we need. Thanks Sierra.

Stephanie Thornton said...

Heavens, but this is a good list. Strangely enough, I thought to myself yesterday as I drove to work what I would do if I lost all the fingers on one hand. But on both hands? Egad!

Lt. Cccyxx said...

Well, sort of along the lines of #4: none of us have to worry about being imprisoned or killed for what we write. None of us have to memorize our own prose for fear of the consequences of writing it down, or because we're in a place where just can't (no pens or paper, much less computers). None of us have to worry, upon showing our work to others, that those others are secret government agents who will report us. Basically, we live in a free society and while there can definitely be consequences to writing things, they generally aren't political or life-threatening.

Jm Diaz said...

Have i told you lately how much I love you blog? If not, I feel it needs to be re-affirmed: I LOVE your blog.

#4 is a great place to start. Lt. Cccyxx took the words out of my mouth, and because of such insolence, I am now following that blog.

I do feel better, and yes, I will cheer you on when you get published, and I am very glad I am not #1 guy. What a douche.

Lt. Cccyxx said...

Jm - Thanks. Your blog looks very interesting too. I'm adding you to my feed!

Sierra Godfrey said...

Ah, look. Blog match love!
Carrie - that is exactly the guy I was talking about. We all know him!

Trav - We all love your support too.

Matt - I'm glad you liked it. I never know if the 5 will go over.

Stephanie - see? And I often think about not having arms or legs and how much that would suck.

Lt. - right ON. YES we do not have to fear such things, and what a relief.

JM - you're too sweet. I love that you love the blog. Tell all your friends, yes? Get me some more followers, yes?

It's funny how we know of douches like the guy in #1--there's him, and then there's another guy out there whose head is shoved so far up his rear that he can see his tonsils, but I'm not naming him or his heinous blog because I don't want to give it publicity. I think you probably have seen that guy too. It's a fishbowl of writing blogs, no?

Thanks guys and I'm glad you're liking the Thursday 5s so far!

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