Friday, January 29, 2010

Google Reader Roundup

  • Carrie at CKHB has a great post on titles. Carrie is now friends/engaged to the Rejectionist and that's worth noting. Perhaps Carrie would consider getting engaged to me as well, if Rejectionist doesn't mind sharing. Then I could say "My fiancee is fiancees with the Rejectionist. Which naturally means I'm famous."
  • A really interesting interview with publisher Amy Einhorn on what she's trying to do with her new imprint and who she's aiming for. Amy Einhorn published The Help, which I'm reading right now so this post caught my eye. The Help is well written and entertaining all the while suffering under a cloud of conflict--a perfect novel and good example of what Ms. Einhorn calls "the sweet spot between literary and commercial." Highly worth a read. (Both The Help and the article with Amy Einhorn.)
  • Rachelle Gardener has an informative post --especially the comments--about becoming an agent or editor. I always find it interesting to hear how the people working these jobs get there. You might too.
  • Daniel Handler, aka Lemony Snicket, wrote a hilarious article on the effects of having a lot of money. He writes in a way that makes it obvious as to why he has all that money. He's one of those funny writers that just gets it. I might have to add him to the Fantasy BFF list. In fact, consider it done.
  • Finally, the only non-writing and publishing blog in my Google Reader is Cake Wrecks. This week I was catching up on the Wrecks and found this lovely thing: Super Mario wedding cakes--they're not wrecks. Sometimes they put up beautiful creations. Highly worth a peek.
That's it, hope you enjoy these. Next week the theme is "Blogging for the Writer." Thanks for all your support this week, guys. It means a lot to me.


Amber Tidd Murphy said...

Thanks for the shout out. (That was typed in a tone of voice which was very calm and orderly.)

But here's how I feel inside:
Ahhhh! I made the roundup! I made the roundup! This is the best day ever.

And you know what? Ever since I wrote that post - I have been writing more. Even better, I have been writing more freely. Rather than lingering over every single sentence, something in me has opened up, and I am now allowing myself to let it flow. Yes, I'll probably need more edits in the end, but I'm finding it so worth it to get words, words, words on the page. The magic is up there in my head, or at least the possibility of it is up there - I just have to allow it to be written.

CKHB said...

Sierra, I'm a bigamist already, but perhaps we could have a torrid affair? And we'll start the Six Degrees of the Rejectionist...

Sierra Godfrey said...

YES Carrie, that is fine, although I rather thought since you were being a bigamist already that another fiance wouldn't matter a whit to your collection! :)

Amber - I'm so glad that post worked for you, that's why I linked it. It's simple and clear! And congrats on making the list, we aim to please here at Sierra Godfrey Central.

Meredith Rae Morgan said...

Thanks for the great links, Sierra! I have so little time to surf and hunt for good stuff, I rely on bloggers like you to ferret it out for me.

Melissa Marsh said...

LOVE Cake Wrecks, especially the Sunday Sweets. Gorgeous cakes out there.

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