Friday, February 5, 2010

Google Reader Roundup

This week's list is chock full of good stuff, me mateys!

  • There's a ton of great posts regarding the whole Amazon-Macmillan smackdown, but I find myself agreeing with author John Scalzi quite a bit, especially where he says "If nothing else, this bit of asshattery on the part of Amazon has well and truly cured me of any desire to ever get a Kindle." And I'll just add for my own part, that I really think Amazon acted unethically and quite inappropriately on this whole thing. For shame, Amazon. FOR SHAME.
  • Great commentary from Richard Bowes via The Swivet, who speaks on the relevance of Catcher and the Rye with some thoughts I never considered before. For a long time my husband and I have disagreed on the greatness of Catcher, and I was pleased to read Richard's reasoning for why it did capture so much teenage attention.
  • Le Rejectionist, who is engaged to Carrie, with whom I am having a torrid affair, posted an amusing post about an obnoxious agent in her office, Cretinous von Poopypants. Read it.
  • Via Lt. Cccyyyxxx, we have this um, not so photogenic (see Carrie's post above) climate scientist writing a racy romance novel. It's nice to see a respected climate scientist who is consumed by fantasies, but smart enough not to pull a Tiger Woods and ruin everything he has, and instead taking this very respectable way of giving flight to the fantasies. I say, well done, gross sir! Well done! (The effort, not the novel.)
  • The day after Rejectionist posted the thing about the cretinous agent, she posted about a fab font fail. I really enjoyed the article she linked to. By chance, I went back to that post yesterday only to find that the comment section had EXPLODED. Oh deary me! Take a wee look and judge for yourselves: another author who has publicly lost the plot (pun!).
  • And finally, one thing that never fails to amuse me is the videos people make of Hitler's reaction to various things. This time it's the iPad. I love that Hitler is a laughing stock on the tinterweb, repeatedly and in so many ways. I'm guessing he never foresaw that. This is a classic. (Bonus link: also see Hitler responds to the Oasis split, mui funny.)


Julie Dao said...

Hahah! The sexy author photo blog posts were hilarious but true. I don't really mind, though ... I personally wouldn't buy a book b/c the author was attractive, but I bet there are people out there who might. If I were hot I'd probably do the same.

Roni @ FictionGroupie said...

whew, that's a lot of links, I have my work cut out for me to catch up!

CKHB said...

GAH! Blogger ate my post. Yay for Gordon Ramsey posts, erotically-charged climate scientists, and Joe "ninja eatin' mofo's sammich" Sharp in Le R's comment thread. (I don't have the energy to retype the long version.)

annerallen said...

Thanks so much for the plug, Sierra!

CKHB said...

Psst. Look here.

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