Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday 5: Beautiful Things

I fear that I am too negative. I get stressed you, you see. I work at a job that is very full and also, I rarely have any idea what I'm doing, which is par for the course in that particular industry and job. And I fear that it comes out on the blog or on Twitter. So today's Thursday 5 is a list of five things I find beautiful (aka peaceful). Sometimes it's important to make sure you stop and think of beautiful things in life, because tomorrow you could be run over by a bus and you'd miss them. Also, who has time for yoga and other mind-clearing things? I don't. (I'm writing!)

1. California redwood trees.
These magnificent trees are the largest in the world. They smell good and they're super pretty. Also, they're home to raccoons, blue jays, squirrels, and other nice animals (although squirrels are borderline nice, as they are basically rats with plumy tails).

2. Cupcakes

A really good cupcake is hard to beat. I'm talking freshly made, with loads of thick buttercream frosting -- and don't give me sub-par grocery store fake stuff either. Give me THICK BUTTERY goodness, and make it nasty.

3. A nice fluffy kitty cat.
Petting a cat reduces stress, they say. Especially when you come home after sitting in traffic where you were cut off repeatedly, after a long work day in which arrogant sales people said truly outrageous and egotistical things, and you go "Did you really just say that? Why is that okay? It's not okay. I won't forget. I'm going to hold it against you now." Petting that fluffy cat and feeling him arch up to meet your hand -- well, that's pretty good. This is my cat Mixo.

4. A really good book.

I'm talking the ones that you eschew all other forms of entertainment for. The one you take into the bathroom with you, the one you go to bed early for, just so you can lie in bed and read it for two or three hours. This one, Coming Home, is my favorite one ever. It's got everything I like: sweeping epic, coming of age, set in England during WWII, strong females who make their own way in life, and of course, a really good and unexpected love story.

5. Time
You know those rare, rare days when you get the day off -- from everything? Your kids aren't home, your spouse is at some all day meeting, and you don't have to answer to anyone. You can sit on the couch in your stinky jammies and write all day and NO ONE will tell you to get off the computer, and you can eat bowls of macaroni and cheese and then leave the bowls on the couch instead of putting them in the sink, and write, and write, and no one will say anything. That is a beautiful thing.


Travener said...

The redwoods *are* nice. Cupcakes too. More time I wish I had. A good book is a marvelous thing.

Cats? Well, as you know, I want to kill mine cuz she won't shut TF up.

So I'll substitute butterflies to your otherwise commendable list.

JEM said...

I would do dastardly things and not even regret them for a really. Really. Really. Good cupcake.

annerallen said...

Gorgeous photo of the redwoods. But don't make the mistake of thinking that raccoons are nice. Especially if you have a fluffy cat. They'll gang up on your kitty and eat his lunch. But I'm so with you on time: stinky jammies, mac and cheese and all.

Melissa Marsh said...

Sometimes, I make those days for myself - the long, uninterrupted days with no children (though I only have one and she is hardly a bother) and no spouse (I'm divorced, so that's not a problem).

Those days are true cupcakes for the soul, methinks. ;-)

Anastasia said...

I hate grocery store frosting. Its usually made with shortening and gives you that grody mouth feel. Yay for real buttercream!

Tina Lynn said...

Number five is my favorite.

Sierra Godfrey said...

So I think we're all agreed on yummy, yummy buttercream cupcakes.

Trav -- I had a dream last night that I took my 16 year old tabby cat (not Mixo pictured above, notice I did not picture the tabby) to the shelter because she will NOT SHUT UP. And then I felt really bad because I've had her for 16 years. But still, that is a long time to listen to a whiny and constant meow.

JEM--You know, I would too. Right on.

Anne -- No, raccoons are awful, aren't they? I always wonder why they're so dang cute, cause they are NOT nice.

Melissa -- Making those days are key, I agree.

Anastasia -- yes, shortening and YES grody mouth feel! Glad I'm not the only one! (But I would eat a grocery store cupcake if there was no alternative, probably.)

Natalie said...

Mmm, all lovely things (except the fluffy cat. For me fluffy cats=inability to breathe).

It's nice to just sit back and enjoy the scenery every so often, huh? Sometimes I get to busy to look.

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

ohh, those are great.

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Christine H said...
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