Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Book Worlds to Live in

Last week Nathan Bransford asked which book world you would live in if you could. This is such a good question and the possibilities are endless, but ultimately difficult cause you know there's going to be conflict in the world.

Lots of people chose awesome fantasy worlds (as I did; duh --not like I'm going to say I want o live in Dante's effing Purgatory! Actually that counts as awesome fantasy, but not a in good way), and the comments in Nathan's post are a good place to look for awesome, epic book suggestions with wonderful worlds.

The obvious answer was Hogwarts, so let's just say that's a given -- we'd ALL like to live there. Also Twilight, which appeared a lot in the comments. Give this one some thought though, and some great books come out. Here are mine:

Enid Blyton's Faraway Tree series, which is about a huge living tree exists with fairies and goblins living in it, and a different world every week at the top that the children of the story often visit. My favorite world: The Land of Birthdays and the Land of Take What you Want.

Gerald Durrell's Corfu in his My Family and Other Animals series. (someone else said it in the comments but man I read all his books repeatedly and just soaked up that Greek sun and carefree, independently wealthy heady days of old-timely 1930s Greece)

Any of Rosamunde Pilcher's pastoral books. This includes the small Scottish villiage in September and Penzance in Cornwall in the 1940's WWII epic Coming Home, in which things are hard and everyone has to have blackout curtains, but people pulled together (even those living in awesome country mansions in Cornwall with every luxury available.)

Where would you live? Remember, Harry Potter and Twilight aside!


Simon C. Larter said...

Mordor, of course. It's where all the evil, immortal geniuses hang out. (Duh.)

Oh, I suppose I can't really rule out Dr. Evil's super sekrit lair in a volcano. That one would be nice too. It has sharks with laser beams on their foreheads. And lava. You can see the potential there, obvs.

Yvonne Osborne said...

There are people who want to live in Twilight? Are you serious? I must be more out of it than I'd thought. I would live in Julia Child's world....My Life In France.

Lt. Cccyxx said...

Sort of echoing Nemesis, I always thought Middle Earth would be quite nice...minus the existential threat posed by Sauron, of course.

Amalia T. said...

I think I'd live in either the DC Universe or the Marvel one, because I am in love with Superman, Batman, and Thor-- Marvel would have to be either current post-civil war, or Ultimate pre-Ultimatum. (Yeah. I really am that kind of girl. Comic book geek forever!) It totally isn't cheating because comic books are written books too!! They're just also illustrated :P

JEM said...

Deffos the Doctor Who-niverse (just made that up, I'm so bloody clever, also: not British). And not just because I've been addicted to the series the last week. But I would have to be the companion that lasted, find the fountain of youth or immortality or something.

Mia said...

In WONDERLAND of course!

I'd get to meet the mad hatter, play golf with flamingos, meet the cheshire cat AND tweedle dee and dum.

Yes, Wonderland is where I'll be :)

Linda Godfrey said...

An easier choice would be where NOT to live - that would be Cormac McCarthy's The Road *shudders*

Dawn Simon said...

It's such a good question. I didn't comment at Nathan's this time, but when he asked it once before, I said the obvious: Hogwarts. I don't know--I'll have to think on it. I agree with Linda: it's easier to think of books I wouldn't want to live in. I wouldn't want to live in the world of THE HUNGER GAMES or go back in time to our own world in THE GRAPES OF WRATH. Maybe NICK AND NORAH'S INFINITE PLAYLIST so I could live in NYC? Hee! I'd like to visit Wonderland, but I wouldn't want to live there.

Sierra Godfrey said...

Great comments! Love the idea of Julia Childs' France and JEM I love the new word. In Middle Earth, you'd have to pick The Shire or else Rivendell.

One book I forgot to add was The Stand by Stephen King. YES, despite the struggle between good and evil and despite the awful stench there must have been with bodies all over the place, the idea of NO ONE around seems kind of cool.

Christine H said...

I don't want to live in Hogwart's. Too darkly unpredictable, especially with the shifting staircases and poltergeist.

I hope to visit Cornwall some day, after reading so much about it in "Coming Home." Why does she never mention all the dog hair and the constant dog smell that must permeate that mansion? I never thought of it until we got dogs ourselves.

But I want to LIVE in Middle Earth. No question about it, I want to be a tall, willowy she-elf in Lothlorien.

Jackee said...

Ooh, can I have Under the Tuscan Sun, please? But just their villa... you can keep the people.

And as a kid I would have chosen Anne of Green Gables. I love the landscapes she described.

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