Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday 5: Good Things About Birthdays

Today is the blog's one year birthday! What a cool year it's been. I steadily gained visitors and followers and commenters last summer. I've had over 5,000 visitors since last June when I started tracking them, and last month (April) had the most visitors I've ever had. A sincere thank you to all you readers who stop by and read this blog every day. You feed my ego and make me happy. To my commenters, I love opening my blog every day and finding your thoughts and reactions. I get all comments emailed to me, and see them all. My mother remarked recently on a blog post and I said, "You read my blog?!?" and she said, "Sometimes." I said, "Even the comments?" She said, "No. But you and your commenters seem to kiss each other's pums a lot." Pum is her word for ARSE. And so what.

So in honor of its birthday, I decided to ask my blog five interview questions. Here goes:

Sierra: Blog, you take a lot of abuse from me daily. How do you handle it when I click "publish" and there are still typos and poorly-written sentences?
Blog: To be honest [lights a cigarette], it really busts my chops when you do that. There are some days when you're so careless, and yet I schedule posts days in advance, and I just want to reach out and throttle you.
Sierra: That's interesting that you smoke.
Blog: Oh, I smoke, baby.

Sierra: For our second question, I want to know which posts over the past year were your favorites?
Blog: Good one. I liked the April Fool's day one that you did, and also the oatcakes one was pretty good. I always liked your List of Things to be Grateful For, which as far as I can tell, still holds true for you, especially the one where you're glad you don't have a conjoined twin growing out of your back. I guess I'll always have a soft spot in my bloggy heart for that Word Up Wednesday you did on fortitude. That got a lot of comments.

Sierra: Question three. What kinds of things do you wish I would post on you more often?
Blog: Are you kidding me? Where do I begin? More interviews with authors, for starters.
Sierra: I have one with Alison Winn Scotch coming soon.
Blog: That's a start. Also, more pictures of hunky male celebrities.
Sierra: That's not a big priority, but I suppose I could.
Blog:And more posts about you being outrageous.
Sierra: I'm not really outrageous.
Blog: Try to be. You know, push yourself.
Sierra:That's not really the point of the blog....
Blog:Excuse me. Excuse me. I am the blog.

Sierra:Let's just move on. Question 4: What do you hope for in your second year?
Blog: A big announcement post that you get an agent. Then a big announcement post that you sold your book. One hundred followers -- shoot, two hundred, even. The downfall of your nemesis. Lots of love and pum kissing between you and your commenters.

Sierra: Last question. Any advice you have to give to other blogs?
Blog: Holy Krakow, yes! No black backgrounds. No word verification thingy on the comments. Have your comments emailed to you. If you're a blog that routinely gets upwards of 50 comments a day, still respond to them all. And give your readers cupcakes on your birthday.

Sierra: Give me cupcakes, too. Especially me.
Blog: With nothing but piles of thick buttercream frosting.
Sierra: Yes. And sprinkles.
Blog: And possibly chocolate shavings.
Sierra:Happy birthday, Blog.
Blog: Aw, thanks. Pass me the Jack, yes?


DL Hammons said...

Happy Birthday Blog!! It's been a blast watching you grow up. You really should quit the smoking though...its bad for you. There's all kinds of help...although I'm not sure where we'll put the patch??? :)

Julie Dao said...

Happy birthday, blog! Thanks for the cupcake. I'm with you on the black blog background - owwie on the eyes.

Lt. Cccyxx said...

Happy birthday, Blog! And that is one awesome-looking cupcake. Is that ice cream?

Roni @ FictionGroupie said...

Happy birthday blog! (My blog's is coming up soon, too.) And I agree with Ms. Blog on the black backgrounds and word verification. Although, she would hurt me because I've been terrible about responding to comments lately. I read them all, but many times I've just had time to respond with a general overall comment to everyone.

And it's funny that your mom doesn't read the comments. My mom is the opposite. She's like, your posts are okay, but I always like reading the comments to see what everyone else has to say about it, lol. Gee thanks, mom.

Can't wait to see what unfolds for your blog's second year!

Project Journal said...

Happy Brithday, Blog!!

I'm new to your blog, Sierra. I saw you over on Julie's blog and decided to check yours out. What a fun time I caught you at : )

I'm Hannah, 18, and graduating from high school, just so you have a little background about me : )

I really like your clean layout. I can tell that your blog is going to be super fun to follow (I'm signing up to be a follower! What an impressive amount you already have *grin*)

Talk to you later,

The Blog said...

Don, thank you for the birthday wishes. I know I need to stop. It's terrible.

Julie, thank you and there are more cupcakes to go around today!

Lt., why yes that is an ice cream cupcake...I made Sierra make them.

Roni -- oh, thank you! I'm pretty sure Sierra's mom does read some of the comments, otherwise she wouldn't know Sierra and you all kiss each others pum.

Thanks Hannah for stopping by and being a follower. I'm glad you think I'm pretty, and I already love you.

the blog

Simon C. Larter said...

Now I'll have to break your blog as well. Though, honestly, I gotta respect a blog that chain smokes and drinks Jack from the bottle. Still, since it's made its intentions clear regarding my downfall, I shall have to destroy it. I'll do so with a twinge of regret, though.

Matt said...

Happy Birthday Blog! Sorry I haven't been around lately. I feel like a deadbeat uncle. Have a drink on me.

Indigo said...

Loved your interview with blog. I'm one of those people who tend to be horrendous when it comes to commenting back. I guess, I really should take blog's advice *winks* (Hugs)Indigo

Project Journal said...

Lol Blog....I'm glad I got on your good side early

; )


The Blog said...

Simon - I'll go with "respect a blog that drinks and smokes" and leave it at that :)

Matt - You post when it counts and that's what matters. Like on my birthday.

Indigo - I'm loaded with advice but some of it is given when I've had a pack and a

Hannah,just add yourself to that nifty Google follower thingy and we'll love you forever!

Project Journal said...

Oh already done, Blog.....already done

: D


Amber Tidd Murphy said...

Happy belated bloggy b-day!! As a gift, I will start responding to my blog comments. I used to do it but stopped because I figured no one noticed. ;)

Meghan Ward said...

Happy belated from me, too, blog! I love your mom's comment about kissing pums! Hilarious! (And kinda true.) Thanks for the cupcake :)

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