Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Word Up Wednesday: Stars

I often like lying on my back, looking up at the ceiling for no particular reason other than that I'm tired from the rigors of sitting on my arse all day. Of course, I'm not doing this on train tracks or on a sidewalk, or in my office where people have to step over me in order to get to the copier. Mostly I do this at home with a roof over my head, but occasionally I get to do this outside, and the best times are when I'm looking up at the stars.

Stars is such a great word. It's shimmery and sparkly and makes me hope and dream and battle against the finite nature of my human brain in order to imagine what's out there beyond stars. I've known for many years that stars are far-away suns, and that most of them have already died and only now is the light reaching us. (I mean, okay. That's a good story and everything.) Even so, I still like the idea of their stationary positions in my night sky, and I like that they are there in the same spot whether I'm looking at them from California or from a beach in Greece.

I like the word because it's simple and still manages to sound otherworldly and dreamy. And it has so many applications. Stars refer to anything sparkly, or dead suns (supposedly), or celebrities, or people who achieve extraordinary results.

Looking up at the stars makes everything seem like it's possible, doesn't it? Stars don't know anything about confidence issues or a broken plot or rejections. They just shine at you, and you just let them shine on you, and you're good. And that's all you can really ask of something out there in the sky.

Moby -- The Stars


Mohamed Mughal said...

I can relate. Remember the last line in "2001 A Space Odyysey?" - "My God; it's full of stars."

Watching clouds is fun, too!

Simon C. Larter said...

Well, actually, I CAN ask something else of something out there in the sky: that something out there doesn't hurtle to Earth and obliterate all living things other than cockroaches and lawyers. I'd prefer that didn't happen. Since I'm neither a lawyer nor a cockroach.

But if something hurtles from the sky and destroys my nemesis's secret evil lair, I'm totally fine with that.

WritingNut said...

I agree. There's just something so peaceful and comforting about looking up at the stars and letting your mind just wander :)

coffeelvnmom said...

Great word. Simple, yet lovely=)

Sierra Godfrey said...

Thanks guys -- I do remember that line, Mohamed and that was a great one :)

Simon, at first I thought you were here to steal more blog ideas (la la la la) but I see you get the point of wishing for meteors to obliterate a nemesis lair.

Writing nut -- YES! Absolutely.

Jessica - it is simple, huh! calm and peaceful and quiet.

Jen said...

Sierra I found your blog thanks to your comment over at Amber Tidd Murphys! I like finding other writers, and it seems we have some friends in common! How funny!

I love the word stars, in fact some of my best writing comes from staring at the sky and all it's beauty. I used to have a fascination with stars in my writing, now it's clouds. I love clouds... and stars!

Tahereh said...

i like stars. they sparkle like my Edward.

coffeelvnmom said...

Oh my gosh Tahereh... Perfect comment! I almost spit my coffee all over the screen!

Sierra Godfrey said...

Hi Jen!! Thanks for following!

Tahereh, yes. Yes. You can have him. (Ducks and hides.)

Jessica, this is not uncommon since you always have coffe :)

Meghan Ward said...

I like the word stars, too. Makes me want to go camping and lie outside of the tent and watch them twinkle through the redwood trees.

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