Thursday, July 22, 2010

Social Media: Ur Doin It Rite

Remember when I did the post about branding? And I said that you were presenting yourself as something the moment you made yourself visible to others in cyberspace? Right, okay. I said you should be conscious of how you present yourself and that as a writer who hopes to sell your work, you want to make sure you come across somewhat professionally. Right?

So I just wanted to make a few notes about social media.

Here's what it isn't:
  • Not a brand
  • Not a program
  • Not a tactic
Here's what it is:
  • A way to build relationships.

Brand is separate from social media. Social media is a channel of communication. Author Christina Gombar tell us in this guest post that frequent pings on facebook or twitter looks a little pathetic, and that all of her favorite authors don't have web sites. She ends the post by asking for tips that can help her with her online promotion, because she understands that method is here to stay.

No, no! No! It isn't about promotion! It isn't giving speeches from the podium of your blog and tweeting that you just puked, or facebooking that you just picked your toe until it bled!

Christina says that she is paranoid (me too) and dislikes speaking loudly in public (check), and has a close knit group of friends (also check). But I swears to you, mes amies, swears, that those of you who tweet with me and comment and offer advice and love me up and I love up back are PRECIOUS to me.

And when one of us gets published, who do you think is going to help digitally champion the author?


Humans do not want the cold sell. People buy on recommendation and they go by what they know. You don't have to play in the social media sandbox, you really don't. For for heaven's sake, IT'S FREE. WHY WOULDN'T YOU. It costs nothing but a little time.

Caveat: Just because it's free does not mean that you can pretend. You may not post on people's blogs that ha ha yeah they had a great post but guess what, why don't they come along to your web site where you regale them with contests and other malarkey?

Cause we can see right through you.


JEM said...

Ah, this is a great point. You are the brand, social media is just your way of communicating that brand. Genius.

Why don't you head over to my blog....ahhhhhhhhh, just keeding! But I do have some lovely malarkey to sell you if you're interested.

Linda G. said...

Humans absolutely do not want the cold sell. Internet savvy folks become adept at tuning out advertising "noise," whether it comes from an annoying banner ad OR persistent "Buy me! Buy me!" tweeters.

As you say, building relationships is key--and rewarding in and of itself, even if you don't wind of selling a gazillion books (or whatevers).

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Amen. Well said, luv.

Now, why don't you come check out my blog where I can regale you with contests and other malarkey?

Come on. Someone had to do it.

On a serious note, though--this hit to the heart of my one of my greatest pet peeves with social media. I think people take the media part a little too literally, like QVC literally. And they forget about the social aspect altogether.

Tahereh said...


Jck said...

I work in marketing, branding, online, traditional, advertising and viral, and I know how confusing it can be.
Social Media is here to stay, and more and more companies are turning into viral and social to build brand recognition and online presence.
We writers need to do the same, but the first thing to do is recognize the tools and use them properly.
The great thing with SM is that it allows you to be personal and professional. :)
That old spice guy and his 13 million youtube views and 45k followers in twitter is not a random thing, is a very well designed and implemented viral online marketing campaign! *claps hands vigorously and tears up*
and you can do it too!

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