Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday Word: Crepuscular

Happy hump day (snicker), folks. Welcome to my new followers and thanks the brave first few to enter my spectacular character contest, which you still have plents of time to enter, as it ends August 8!

For today's Wednesday Word, I'm culling again from the Annual Wednesday Word Suggestion Drive (which is really open all year and you can still contribute to!) and this week I'm investigating the word crepuscular, donated by the good Lt. Cccyxx.

Crepuscular sounds creepy and crawly and sort of scary, and no wonder since it refers to nocturnal creatures, or a creature who is primarily active during twilight. Oh sure, you've got your common cats and owls and the like, but what I'm really concerned with are two crepuscular things: spiders and raccoons.

Raccoons are little aholes, but they're really darling little aholes. There is a big huge fat one that uses a creek we have running through our back yard (the creek is actually a glorified storm drain that is overground, but we like to say creek because it sounds woodsy and quaint and not hideously annoying in the rain season when it overflows). It uses our creek as its own little highway between yards and under the street. This is fine, but it's the look on the little pisser's face when we catch him creeping through--the look that says, "Yeah? I'm in ur creek, looking cute. Come near me and I'll scratch your eyeballs out."

Raccoons are, like bears, nature's little jokey-joke on humans. Why a joke? Because they are so CUTE that you want to hug them and squeeze them and pet them and call them George, but there will be certain dire consequences if you do so. Also, raccoons are extremely naughty in the night, and their little thumbs and fingers enable them to do quite a bit of non-huggable trash mess-making.

The other crepuscular critters that I concern myself with are spiders, which are not critters at all, but rather agents of the devil. When I find one in my house, I usually trap it and kick it out the front door, because my cats are completely useless in eating them. But it's the truly crepuscular spiders that worry me. The ones that crawl into my bed at night, or walk across the ceiling above my bed while I sleep, and then drop a line down onto the covers and then hike across the covers until it reaches my face, at which point it will KISS ME and then ....listen. Spiders are just wrong, wrong, wrong. Yeah I know they eat bad bugs, whatevs. All I'm saying is that when I caught a little crepuscular one the other night right before bed, I was NOT SORRY AT ALL to see that four of its legs had been mysteriously ripped off...possibly the work of my cats, but considering their uselessness, possibly not. Possibly a BIGGER spider.

You know, on second thought, maybe we should get back to cats and owls as our poster crepuscular critters.


Linda G. said...

Ha! In other words, raccoons are both adorable and badass. Just like ME!! ;)

Lt. Cccyxx said...

Thanks, Sierra, for choosing my word. Crepuscular is a word that has stuck with me for years. As your post indicates, it almost always refers to animals - those most active at dawn and dusk. It's kind of a neat word to have in one's arsenal, though, to use for certain kinds of people. The people who set up/break down events and concerts, for example. Or people who live in a very hot climate. Or people who might want to restrict their activity to those times the light is weak for other, maybe unsavory, reasons....

Sierra Godfrey said...

Linda, of course, I was thinking of you when I wrote that :)

Lt, you know, when I started writing this post I thought, "what a great word to talk about people!" and then was promptly swayed by raccoons and spiders and forgot writing about people. Thanks for the reminder...and to be on your GUARD at all times for crepuscular people doing unsavory and unseemly thing!

Anne R. Allen said...

The picture had me laughing so hard I had to step away from the coffee cup & keyboard. I KNOW that Raccoon. He used to live under my hot tub.

Raccoons are like narcissists. Soooo charming, but let them in your life and they will wreak havoc, utterly without remorse.

Crepuscular is one of my favorite words too. It literally means "of twilight." Imagine if Stephanie Meyer had called her book "Crepuscular"? Would she still be sending out queries to those heartbreaking silent rejections like the rest of us?

Sierra Godfrey said...

Anne, if Stephanie Meyer had called her book "Crepuscular" then she would have shut all the people who say she's a bad writer RIGHT UP. :)

And yes, she would still be sending out queries, LOL!

Jck said...

Anne, Hi! You are right about the raccoons! Although I would say they are closest to a sociopath than a narcissist, especially about the 'without remorse' 'super charming' part.
Sierra, your Wed word spectacular is totes awesome! Love it! And yeah, crepuscular… is a great name for a book! Be afraid Stephanie Meyer, be very afraid! *laughs hard and rolls eyes*

Tawna Fenske said...

My husband cycles everywhere, often at night. On more than one occasion, he's had a near-death experience when he passes a raccoon that decides to challenge him by rearing up and hissing loudly. Scares the pee out of anyone!


Julie Dao said...

That spider picture alone sent chills down my spine. I hate them! They can exist as long as they don't let me see them.

Simon C. Larter said...

I see my arachnid minions are doing their job. Excellent.

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