Friday, August 13, 2010

Google Reader Roundup - Friday 13th edition!

  • You probably know how much I love infographics. Here is one on social networking for 2010 that I found fascinating. I love these things. This one is clever, cute, and amusing.
  • Jessica Lemmon has a funny note about writers and their robes in film---with examples why we might not want to emulate them.
  • Roni at Fiction Groupie has some excellent query tips for us, fresh from an RWA Queryfest that she attended with lots of agents. Good stuff here.
  • It pains me in the extreme to list anything my nemesis has done, but his Snarketing for Marketing post was really quite good. And by "quite good" I mean it didn't make me projectile vomit as his posts usually do. I conveniently forgot that it was he who wrote it and just assumed that someone else far cleverer wrote it and he stole it and took credit. After all, that seemed more in line with his reptilian self.
  • Allison Winn Scotch talks about self-plagiarism, something I worry about a lot actually. It's the act of repeating your same characters and story lines in each novel.


demery bader-saye said...

Hello from another women's fiction writer and blogger! Found you through lemmony - love checking in on her blog and think yours looks wonderful as well. Looking forward to following.

Roni @ FictionGroupie said...

Thanks for the link love!

And total side note, but I think it's funny that your Goodreads box is always so color-coordinated. It seems like women's fiction sticks to the same pastel color palette. My box always has really dark or bright colors--guess romance cornered the market on the bold palette, lol.

Simon C. Larter said...

I'm hoping that by showing up in your comment section, I will induce a round of excruciating projectile vomiting. Has it worked?

And since you're pale and breaking out in cold sweats right now, I can be magnanimous and say thank you for the linkage. Yes.

Jm Diaz said...

Your roundups make me smile... which is an accomplishment being that I am quite the moody bitch. The wife accuses me of living in an persistens state of PMS, with 5 days that are "not so bad"...

Amalia T. said...

your interview really was fabulous :) Great round-up as usual!

Sierra Godfrey said...

Thanks guys!

Demery, thanks for coming by and following! Hugely appreciated! Good to find other writers of women's fiction.

Roni, I don't mean to make all the books color-coordinated and now I shall have to purposefully read something that isn't pastel. I did have The Historian on there with an ominous black cover earlier, but I read it FAST! Great book.

Simon, I have steadfastly refused to vomit-- because I knew it is what you want. Foiled again, O nemsis.

JM, that is huge praise indeed :)

Amalia, Thank you!!

demery bader-saye said...

sierra - thank you for becoming a follower on my blog! and thank you also for the lead on weronika. i did exactly what you said and sent her a query today. who knows!?! i really like how you've pulled together a whole smorgasbord of ideas, tips, and inspirations here.

Sierra Godfrey said...

Good luck, Demery!

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