Friday, August 6, 2010

Google Reader Roundup

  • My spectacular character contest is still open for entries...GET IN THERE! What are you waiting for! This is a golden workshop opportunity and we will all learn how to describe odd-looking people! But we need MORE people to describe odd people! Go! Go! (Ends August 8. Amazon gift card for the winner.)
  • California struck down the ban on marriage rights to gay couples this week (thank you!). Janet Reid has the most succinct comments about it I've seen (incidentally I happen to agree with her 100%). I'm including this because I think it's so important for people to see a practicing Catholic voice outrage over the denial of civil rights to people, because there is a perception that Catholics are all against gay marriage. You couldn't be more wrong.
  • Moonrat gives us a rundown of publishing options. Note that she starts off her post thusly: "The other day, I received a sad email from a reader who has decided to go the route of self-publishing. " Sad e-mail. Sad. That is telling, folks.
  • Linda Grimes tells us what her smultronst√§lle is --a special, beautiful spot of happiness. Very nice. Everyone should be grateful that Linda's spot didn't involve her G. That is, it's fine if it does...but we don't want to hear about it. I mean, unless she wants to write porn. Look, just be glad her post is sweet, yes? She's really a bad ass.
  • You're following along with Roni and Julie Cross at Fiction Groupie's absolutely EPIC contest, right? In particular, if you want to know how to run a contest, LOOK AT WHAT THEY'RE DOING. No other way, peeps. It's pretty good.(And enter it, too, yes?)


Meghan Ward said...

I'm the first to comment! Had to get up at 5 a.m. to do so, though. Thanks for the link! I'm going to go enter your contest now. I want that gift card!

Jenna Wallace said...

Thanks for the list... there were a bunch of these I missed this week (my blogging has been spotty at best this summer).

Roni @ FictionGroupie said...

Thanks for the links and for pimping our contest. :) I'm glad you think we're doing it right,lol. We're really just winging it. :)

Elizabeth Ryann said...

I'm really looking forward to beating Linda in your contest. Just thought I'd mention that again.

Linda G. said...

First of all, thanks for the blog link! (If only I'd thought of the G-spot! Is it too late to include it now?) It's an honor to be included in your blog round-up--you always post such great links. :)

Second of all: bring it on, Ryann! *dukes up and ready*

Elizabeth Ryann said...

I have enlisted Puyol to do my fighting for me. He looks capable to me.

Posey said...

YOU are funny!

Sierra Godfrey said...

hee hee hee!

Roh Morgon said...

Once again, a great Roundup! Thanks so much for the work you do to collect tidbits of the publishing world that the rest of us missed!

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