Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday Word: FECK er, ah I mean Feckless

HEY! You, over there! YES YOU. There is still time to enter my spectacular character contest, which ends August 8! August 8 is in 5 short days so hurrying is of the essence, of you hurrying! Also, Linda G and Elizabeth Ryann have been extremely obnoxious (something I thought only myself capable of) about them winning. Show them up! Get on in there! Win a $25 Amazon gift certificate!

For today's Wednesday Word, I'm mining yet again the Annual Wednesday Word Suggestion Drive (which is really open all year and you can still contribute to!). This week honors go to Molly C (aka Salamicat on Twitter) for her word feckless.

I used to think feckless meant reckless, which is terribly pathetic of me. I mean, I don't go around thinking pack means the same as lack, or tuck means the same as f-- well, you get the picture. So it was a pleasure to set myself straight and find that feckless means ineffective, incompetent, futile. Excellent, said I! This is a perfect word to apply to a great many people things! (Oh, let's start with my nemesis, shall we?) From feckless leadership to feckless clerk at the store to feckless cats.

But its meaning is not the best thing about this word, NO! The most exciting is that is comes from the old Scots word feck, which originated from effect - less. Now, in today's Scotland, feck is certainly not used to mean effectless. No, mes amies! It is used in place of its cousin with the u! (See how I am trying to be ladylike by not writing it out.)

In Ireland, feck is also commonly used in place of its nastier cousin. Feck has the added bonus of not actually meaning f*ck (<-- ladylike), and this well-known fact is what gets it thrown about with abandon. "But I'm not swearing, you fecking fecker!" I'm rather afraid that I have been known to say such things, more than once. (<-- Not ladylike. But feck is allowed, so slightly ladylike.)

So there you have it mes amies, Molly's word feckless is actually rooted in one of my most favorite words ever. (Remember that I follow a Scottish football team and therefore I hear a great deal of terribly unladylike things from fellow supporters who are male. But as we have just agreed, feck is not unladylike, so.)


Linda G. said...

Geez. I just now realized I wasn't already following your blog. *slaps forehead* All fixed now.

And, yes, Elizabeth IS being rather obnoxious about the whole contest winning thing, isn't she? Of course, if I am obnoxious about it at all (questionable), I am only FECKLESSLY obnoxious. ;)

Jck said...
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Jck said...

OMG sorry about the typos!
Oh! so fecking cute this feck word I will fecking adopt and add to my fecking vocabulary, with its cousin effing! cos' I'm all ladylike and I do not write or say the other pervert cousing f*ck!
Loved the post Sierra!

KLM said...

I'm at the beach this week. So this is an unofficial, feckless comment. I will return to the normal feckful comments next week.

MOLLYC said...

So glad you used my word! Fecking awesome!molly

Sierra Godfrey said...

I fecking love you guys!

Elizabeth Ryann said...

I am being a lady with strong opinions. There is nothing obnoxious about being right (which I am). Which is why I'll win.

Also, Sierra, I KEEP following your blog. I've followed it like five times. It's becoming my Everest. Can you remove followers? Are you testing me??

Simon C. Larter said...

You just keep thinking I'm feckless. Right up until the army of mechanical spiders swarms through your mailbox and wreaks 8-legged destruction on your domicile.... >:)

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