Friday, September 24, 2010

The Google Reader Roundup Speaks Loudly

This week we have a very special Google Reader Roundup. No doubt you heard about Laurie Halse Anderson's book Speak being called for banning by a complete hole who understands very little about the ways of the world. This week's GRR is a collection of the blogs I could find about this issue. Please take the time to visit as many of these as you can, and speak your own voice about this.

Before you move on to the links, I want to leave you with this comment from Laurie's blog post about the situation. This comment, for me, says it all:

I found Speak in the youth section of the public library when I was in 7th grade. I had experienced sexual assault and I was a cutter, and I had walled myself off so much not much could reach me. But this book did, i was grateful for the honesty and a voice besides my own to say the things i was feeling, things too scary to tell my mother or my friends. And considering the situation outside of myself, gave me perspective to see ME beyond that pain.

One final note. Wesley Scroggins, we've ALL got your number.


Linda G. said...

I've read many of the posts you linked to, and they were great, but the comment you shared crystallizes the essence of the issue. Thank you. :)

Roni Loren said...

Great idea for the round up! Thanks for linking to me as well. :)

Joana said...

I think it's so great that people are still taking on this issue. Laurie has a new post up that mentions Scroggins is trying to say he never called for it to be banned because of pornography, which I find appalling. He realized the kind of people he was up against and is trying to save face.

Anne R. Allen said...

What a great idea! I also like a quote tweeted by Eric at Pimp my Novel--

"Censorship reflects a society's lack of confidence in itself. It is a hallmark of an authoritarian regime.” — Potter Stewart

Sierra Godfrey said...

Thanks for your input, guys.

Linda, glad the comment spoke to you as well.

Roni and Joanna-- I really wanted to keep the issue going because it's been almost a week and these things tend to die down. But I'm still furious. And that Scroggins, for shame. For SHAME.

Anne, I love that. Thanks for sharing it. I would like to add that Censorship is a hallmark of being an enormous ahole. Hopefully that appears as a quote someday :)

Simon C. Larter said...

Y'know, it's rare to the point of near-impossibility that I'd support anything my nemesis did, but this, m'dear, is the exception. Good call with the roundup. Rock on.

We'll return to our regularly scheduled nemesizing next week.

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