Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday Word: Palaver

Today is the whippersnapper's fourth birthday. The past four years have been quite the ride--full of challenges and frustrations, and of course laughs and love. Mothering is hard. Damn hard. It's not for everyone. But watching your kid grow up is great, especially when he's being cute and not demonic. As the whippersnapper grows into Mr. Big Boy, he's gotten a lot chattier.

In fact, just yesterday he had quite the palaver. Palaver means to talk unnecessarily at length, or have a prolonged (and usually idle) discussion. Little Boy Palaver is great. The whipsnap's palaver tends to be filled with stories about us riding in helicopters. But Four Year Old Palaver is even more special.

So my birthday is approaching too--this coming weekend, and that meant that Mr. Sierra had to go buy me a birthday present this week. When he asked me what I wanted, I promptly answered, "Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii," as any other normal and sane woman would answer. And also, because I knew asking for a diamond tennis bracelet or this little number that I've had my eye on for quite a while would be futile.

Mr. Sierra used yesterday to go out shopping after work. It was clever to go yesterday, because I commute into the office on Tuesdays and therefore would be home later. I was enjoying some "Clean up your toys" time with the whipsnap yesterday evening and the whipsnap gibbers away with his usual palaver, and mentions that he and Daddy went to Toys R Us and bought a Yoshi video.

"Oh, you did, did you?" I asked, instantly surmising that Yoshi video meant Super Mario Galaxy 2, since we're not in the habit of buying videos or indeed even DVDs about Mario.

"Yes," the whippersnapper said, "And Yoshi was flying like this upside down and his arms were back and also we saw a whole pack of Mario and Yoshi guys and..."

I called to Mr. Sierra, "Your son has a big mouth."

Mr. Sierra was not pleased, because as it turns out, he'd specifically instructed the whippersnapper not to tell Mommy.

We didn't really reprimand him, because he's four, and because four year olds palaver. In fact, Mr. Sierra recounted a time when he was a kid that he spoiled his mother's surprise party with the clever line, "It's not a surprise party that we're going to." And I definitely had four year old palaver when my parents decided to divorce, and instructed carefully not to tell my grandparents, and the second I walked in my grandparent's house I broke the news.

Do you have any good kid palaver in your past? Tell me in the comments. And meanwhile, happy birthday, my darling little boy. (And thanks in advance to Mr. Sierra for my copy of Super Mario Galaxy 2.)


Linda G. said...

First of all, early Happy Birthday! :)

Great gift choice, too. I see hours of fun in your future. Or hours of relative peace and quiet while the male members of your household hog the game. ;)

Let's see...kid palaver in my past. Well, when MY son was 4 years old (lo, these many years since), he was a real chatterbox. Talked to everyone, including the check-out clerks at the grocery store. On one fine occasion, he gave Iris (a very proper older British lady) a beatific smile and said, "Your breath smells like a water buffalo."

Thought I was going to DIE. (Not that he wasn't spot on in his observance, but still.) Iris, ever so polite, smiled tightly and said to me, "It's so difficult to civilize them, isn't it?"

MOLLYC said...

Here's a tip: take the pic of the Tiffany bezet ring to a local jeweler who makes and repairs jewelry, and they can make it for you cheaper. Especially if you have some little diamonds in another ring that you hate. I had that exact ring made for around $700, but I had some little diamonds. Palaver? Great word! Happy Birthday. molly

Travener said...

I don't palaver much. I'm the strong, silent (and easily bored) type.

Anne R. Allen said...

Happy Birthday to you and Whippersnap!

And thanks for palaver. It's a great word I'd forgotten. Must make a point of using it more often.

Sierra Godfrey said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes guys!

Linda -- that water buffalo line cracked me up. My God what a funny boy!

Molly -- good tip, I might do that!

Trav - oh you palaver plenty my find feathered friend.

Anne - palaver is just great, isn't it? The ony question is does it rhyme with cadaver or is it pronounced "Pall-aver"?

Roni Loren said...

Happy Birthday to the kiddo and an early one to you! See this is why we get along--we're the same sign. My bday is Monday. :) (ALthough, I'm hoping for Guitar Hero-Warriors of Rock instead of Mario).

Linda Leszczuk said...

Happy birthday to all.

Not sure why, but this one memory popped into my head. When my son (now grown and a daddy) was two or three we were trying to get him to stop sucking his thumb. His habit was to suck his thumb while rubbing a soft cloth diaper against his face for comfort (does anyone remember cloth diapers?) To make things easier, we let him keep the diaper. Conversation as follows:

Honey, I thought we were going to stop sucking our thumb.

I can't, Mommy.

Why not?

It makes my diaper not work.

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