Friday, October 15, 2010

Google Reader Roundup

  • At the risk of hideously offending everyone else here on the list, the most fabulous post I read all week is Kristen Lippert-Martin's Query Letter Manifesto, Part 1. (I assume Part 2 is up today, so look for that at her blog too.) KLM is one of the funniest bloggers I know, and smart too. Also, I'm slightly afraid she will beat me up.
  • YA author Janice Hardy, whose second book Blue Fire dropped October 5, is in the midst of a blog tour (and will be here Oct 20 and Oct 27!). But one of her first stops on her tour at at wonderful Anne Allen's blog, where Janice gives one of the best discussions of blog tours and promotion I've read. (P.S. You can see a full list of Janice's blog stops here.)
  • Peter Shankman has some great social media truths in a post called "Are we ever going to get it?" Incidentally, while the article is excellent, I found it quite amusing that the first thing under the header was "New here? Subscribe to my RSS feed!" I suspect that most people do not how to use an RSS feed. I have one for this very blog and I don't really know what to do with it and I would wager that if I were to do a heat test to see where on my blog people clicked (you can do this in Google Analytics), then I would find that no one has clicked on it, because no one else knows what to do with it, either. Just saying.
  • Roni Loren asks if those first lines really are important--a post inspired by our lengthy discussion this week, which inspired my post about breaking rules on Wednesday, and also the one you have coming on Monday. Very inspiring conversation, this was! Anyway, check her post out because as usual it's very good.


Lt. Cccyxx said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Sierra! And I agree, Kristen's post was great and I can't wait for Part 2. I also really liked Roni's on first lines.

KLM said...

Oh, Sierra, you have nothing to fear from me. Just so long as you never cross me.

No. I'm kidding. I'm way too lazy to beat people up anyway and too dumb to get insulted because I simply don't understand the vagaries of sarcasm.

Thank you very much for the mention. I appreciate it and you and I always will.

Mia said...

Awww *HUGS* thanks for the linky! I'm glad people liked it because I did basically my "study break" time to draw them. You always have great links, I'm honoured to be here.


Roni Loren said...

Thanks for linking to me. And all our conversations are inspiring, dahling, we're just awesome like that. ;p

Also, thanks Lt.C, glad you liked the post!

GABRIJEL said...


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Anne R. Allen said...

OMG, you have an amazing spammer comment just above mine. Fun idea: what about writing a story entirely in the voice of a Nigerian spammer--"Firstly, oh respected in god health...

Anyway, thanks for the shout-out Sierra! I thought Janice's guest post was the BEST. One for us all to bookmark. Because we're all going to be planning blog tours soon, when that book gets a publisher--right?

Tawna Fenske said...

Oooh, these look like some terrific links! Looking forward to savoring them this weekend. Thanks for compiling everything into one handy-dandy spot!


Sierra Godfrey said...

Thanks guys! The spammer is actually a repeat offender. GARBRIJEL (the all caps are a nice touch) has left interesting and similarly nonsense-filled posts before. He has a google profile too...don't understand it, but maybe his mutant ramblings are code for something deeper. I choose to interpret the gibberish as:

"Dear Sierra,

YOU ARE A GOD OF A WRITER. Every post you write makes me squee and I've simply never seen a blog as fantastic as yours. Today, your links in the GRR were fantastic, as are all your commenters (and YOU of course). Keep on keeping on, sista."

Well, thanks, GARBRIJEL.

Anne R. Allen said...

Love your translation of spamlish, Sierra!

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