Friday, November 12, 2010

Google Reader Roundup

Bit of a shorter roundup this week, but I hope you find these useful.

Special update: I am sorry to have missed this originally, but Samuel Park did a thoughtful post on the whole Nathan Bransford leaving thing, which provoked very thoughtful comments...including a reply from Nathan himself. It's very civil, and makes for interesting reading and thinking on all sides.
  • Carrie Heim Binas gives us the greatest book ever written-- and it's the A-Z Guide to Perfumes. Think she's insane? Read what she has to say. After I did, I placed an order for the book. Seriously. It's that amazing. Every writer requires this.
  • And finally, Jane Friedman is running a fabulous series called The Ultimate Blog Series on Queries. Here is part 1, which covers the 5 elements of a query, then part 2, which tackles the 3 elements of a novel hook, part 3 with a query and hook critiqued, and part 4 - with another query and hook critiqued.
  • And finally, I'm listing my own post from Monday, 5 Reasons You Don't Have an Agent Yet. This post got more hits than any other post I've done, and it enjoyed a far-reaching retweet life as well.


Linda G. said...

Wow! You finally made your own roundup! Is this a first? Or have I missed something before?

Anyway, all good, as usual. :)

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

WHAT?! My dreamboat Nathan Bransford isn't an agent anymore?! I NEED your roundup, obvi. I'm sooo out of the bloggy loop these days. (P.S. In ref. to your comment on my blog earlier in the week, I got a HUGE tub of Bourdeuax's Butt Paste at one of my showers. I've heard that is the STUFF for diaper rash.) ;)

Tina Lynn said...

As always, excellent reading nosh. Thank you :D

Anne R. Allen said...

Thanks, Sierra! Nathan promises to tell us more about his decision next week.

demery bader-saye said...

thanx thankx thanx!!

DL Hammons said...

I get so JAZZED whenever I make your roundup!!! Thank you! :)

Now I'm off to check out the other links.

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