Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Beating Mike Chen

My bloggy/writing friend Mike Chen and I have a friendly competition going right now, til the end of the year. Well, it's friendly on his part. It's rather serious on my part. What did you expect? I have a nemesis, after all.

Mike and I agree on many things in life, and that includes (but is not limited to): music, writing, marriage, and what constitutes stupidity. Those are the biggies. The fact that we disagree on which is the better sport (him: hockey, me: soccer) is irrelevant, because we both agree on the extreme ugliness of some hockey players. (The winner is Mike Ricci. Yeah, he has nubs for teeth. Imagine kissing that.)

Anyway, Mike (Chen, that is, not Ricci, the horror! The horror!) and I have a deal going: we're both pushing to finish the first draft of our WIPs by the end of the year. The deal is, we're striving to reach 82-85k on our drafts. We spur each other on by working on the drafts and then send irritating little emails to each other with our word count. Well, I suppose they're not that irritating. Only if you're the one behind, which Mike currently is. I love a competition, and his word count emails definitely have spurred me on to get my draft done. It's been great because there are plenty of nights when I think I'm too tired, or need some sleep, or some other namby-pamby pregnancy woe. No. No! I have Mike Chen to beat here!

If we'd done this right, we would have the other write a public ode to the winner's favorite sport or something, but as it stands we have no prize. But it's not too late! We can! If you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comments.

And finally, if you need that extra push, I highly recommend pairing with someone to beat write with. It really gets you past the hard nights where you think you have no energy. Believe me, I have energy when I think Mike is creeping up near my word count. Back! Back, I tell you!

If you're looking for a writing push partner, you might consider leaving a comment here and seeing if you can pair up with anyone that way. Hey, that's how I found my nemesis.

Mike and I haven't decided if we'll extend the competition to the editing phase, because editing is difficult to calculate. Also, I'll be giving birth in April, and that might throw a stick in the works and I can't have Mike pulling ahead because of a little thing like birth. Mike suggested I get a netbook to write while nursing but the thought of a computer being covered in stinky spit up is too much to bear. Also, it negates the whole bonding thing.

But I'll find some way to get in there, watch and see.

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