Friday, January 21, 2011

Google Reader Roundup

Before we get into the roundup, can I just say I'm sorry for being such a dolt and not giving a kind of contest close date for the entry to win a copy of my uncle Vince's book, Blood and Chocolate. So, please note, the contest ends today at midnight and I'll post the winner on Monday.


Ellen Oh gives unpublished and unagented writers a pep talk that I totally thought about all week: she's you, just at a later stage.

An eloquent and thought provoking post from Anne Allen on what happens to your blog when you expire. Anne not only does a great job of telling us what we should do in the event, but she shows us what happens if we don't.

Tawna Fenske talks about the process of minuscule word changes suggested by her editor, and whether they are in fact that minuscule.

A beautiful look at our world--a year in 90 seconds, shot in Norway. (You Tube video)

Agent Jessica Faust at Bookends suggests performance reviews with your agent.

If you missed the hooplah surrounding the Most Heinous Writing Contest in the World, read probably the best recap of it at Janet Reid's blog. She has posted updates since, including one that reports the contest now appears to be dead (and good thing too since it was such a blatant scam). And in case I haven't made my point, POO ON YOU, contest-runners! The whole thing stunk worse than a neglected pig shed in high summer.

Jody Hedlund talks about the importance of the first chapter, especially for unknown writers

A commenter asks Janice Hardy a great question about how unpublished writers can genuinely figure out whether they suck or not (but in nicer words).

My nemesis Simon Larter impersonated Tawna Fenske on her blog--and apparently did a good job. It was an interesting commentary on voice, but I do hope Tawna realizes that she has filthed up her blog in a way never previously attempted---and that's saying a lot for Tawna.

Clare Langely-Hawthorne at the Kill Zone has a great new word for us: "moasting." (A cross between moaning and boasting.) Here's one of my own: "Oh deary me, I can't believe I have to stay home all day and take naps and play on the computer and play with son, because I don't have a job. Poor me."

Kristen Lippert-Martin gives us another dynamite analogy in a discussion of the first five pages and why they matter. Read this one, folks. KLM is as sharp as a tack. Also, I am starting to worry because there's like way too many similarities between us. I shall list them in a future post because it's freakishly uncanny.

DL Hammons has a super cute way of reminding us there's a blogfest going on...and a great way of showing rather than telling. He's a writer, folks. This is the way you do it.

Happy weekend loverlies!

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