Friday, February 4, 2011

Google Reader Roundup

To all the new followers I've gained over the past weeks: Thank you. Thank you! I see you, and you make me so happy.* I'd love to follow you back, but sometimes your Google profile isn't linked to your blog! You can fix that, though. Just go into your profile and add your blog and Bob's your uncle.

*I know one is not supposed to worry about the number of one's blog followers, but it's still really nice.

Now! The momentous first World-Famous Google Reader Roundup of February 2011!

  • My uncle Vince continues his series of posts on exactly how treacherous some self-publishing companies can be...unfortunately including his own. (Note: he does not name his, but I know the name, and I can tell you that Absolute Write does not list it as one of the worst offenders.) This latest post on the company's "buy back" program is truly harrowing. Read to know when to run!
  • The Rejectionist makes the announcement that she's about to become the Rejected. (Seriously, best wishes to her!)

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