Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Announcing Small Tales

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post wondering about short story journals and what made one better than another, and how one even discerned among them. I also tossed out the idea of starting one of my own, and wondered if anyone would be interested in helping. And four people were!

And thus, over the past few weeks, the Small Tales project was born.

I'm enormously excited about it, if only because it thrills me to do my own thing in an area where I don't see a lot of established rules. I've done this before--like spearheading the North American chapter of a particular group that didn't exist before, as an example.

So with that, I'm pleased to announce today that Small Tales is open to submissions of fiction up to 5000 words in length. For submission guidelines and instructions, please see the Small Tales blog.

The Details
My partners in crime on this are Linda Leszczuk, MC Howe, Vince Ferraro, and Mike Chen.

Small Tales will be published electronically, and will feature short stories up to 5000 words in length (excepting erotica and poetry). The idea is to present good fiction, laid out in easy to read style, in PDF or e-reader format.

Small Tales will be published in August 2011. We're really excited about putting together a collection of good fiction, and would love your submission.

For those of you wondering how on earth I would consider doing this as I am about 2 weeks away from giving birth (hopefully less, please God just one week, please), the answer is: um, well, would you willing to accept that I have tiger blood or something? :) I just think this is cool, so let's do it!

Questions? Concerns? Comments?

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