Friday, March 11, 2011

Google Reader Roundup

What happens when you are in your last month and a half of preggerancy is that you wake up at odd hours. This is amplified when you have other small children who don't give you a moment's peace. Scratch that, this happens whenever you have small children, preggers or not. So getting up at wide-eyed and happily at 5 am is not my style (ever. ever) but man, the blogosphere and twitterverse is alive at that time. I kind of loved it. As a result, the GRR this week is particularly rich soil.

  • 40 years of ebooks? How can that be? Check this great infographic on it.
  • I love this post from Harvey Weinstein on regretting when he passed on the rights to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, because of the voice that comes through in this post. Read it because it's interesting, but mainly read it for a great example of his voice.
  • Agent Rachelle Gardener vents about not being able to easily find a blogger's email address, which is something I completely agree with. You'll notice I put my address right over to the right, easily listed and seen. Rachelle says she often wants to contact a writer and ask them if they're represented, and what their plans are. I'd just like to say, I have freely listed my email there and not ever received an email from Rachelle asking my availability, but here it is again in case she wants it: sierra [at] sierragodfrey. com (obviously in this format to foil spammers). Looking forward to hearing from you, Rachelle.
  • Nathan Bransford explains some ebook realities and gives those of us who didn't understand who or what Amanda Hocking is a nice break down of the world of ebook success. (I'd read Hocking's post on this but didn't understand what was going on because it didn't actually say what was going on, it just assumed one knew, but I live under a rock and didn't hear. So thanks Nathan for breaking it down.)
  • Jody Hedlunds explores whether writers are the new growing segment of [book] readers--something I've long thought about because everyone says we should have blogs pre-publishing and "build platform" and yet few people mention that, in fact, our blog readers are fellow writers and very rarely our actual target audience. (But Jody says it nicer.)

Happy weekending loverlies!

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