Friday, March 25, 2011

Google Reader Roundup

Sometimes I feel like I should expand my blog reading list to include a much wider dearth of blogs for you on the world-famous, fresh-as-hotdogs GRR, but the fact is, the blogs below are always good. Consistently entertaining and informative. And, also, my attention span and energy level has gone waaaaaaay down as my Braxton Hicks contractions have increased in regularity and strength. Quite frankly, I'm tired. But rest assured, the below links are still great ones, and as always carefully culled for your clicky pleasure.

  • Anne Allen has 7 dos and don'ts for new bloggers. You want to look at these. Anne gives wise advice. Except possibly for the one that says don't rant, because I did that on Monday this week. And um, Wednesday, too.
  • You know I love all things professional, so this guest post from Mary Demuth on Rachelle Gardener's blog on 7 ways to be professional hit right home.
  • John Gilstrap at The Kill Zone does a First Page critique, which are always great because he points out all the pitfalls so we can all avoid them.
  • Meghan Ward has 11 Twitter Tips, and yours truly is mentioned, and not as a bad example, either. Just saying.
  • Roni Loren has a nice updated rerun of a great post on what romance is, and the subgenres of it, and why you shouldn't be a snob about it.

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