Friday, April 22, 2011


At last!

Baby* has arrived. April 19, 2011. 7 lb. (Note: sorry for the confusion. The baby is a beautiful little boy, which makes boy #2 for me. My older whippersnapper is 4.)

* On Monday I have a fabulous guest post from the effervescent Linda Grimes - with a cool baby-naming contest!

Here's what happened: I labored for three hours in the hospital, and pushed for 10 minutes.

I realized today that people might think I am bragging when I say this. I assure you I am not bragging because I didn't have pain meds and it was the most unpleasant, heinous experience of my life, and quite frankly traumatic. Apparently, it hurts way more when your cervix dialates like a speeding express train. As in, I am actually afraid of the memory, it was so bad.

Okay, picture.
I have to say, I'm in love.

Special thanks to Kristen Lippert-Martin for moral support, even though she rather selfishly had her baby first. :)

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