Friday, April 8, 2011

Google Reader Roundup Re-run

This GRR is from October 22, 2010, but it was chock full of goodies. Enjoy again!

  • Mega-mega-mega-trombone-boy-night-mega congratulations to Roni Loren for her two-book book deal! Read all about it here. Roni is a smart writer whose time has come...believe it. Suck up your envy and go congratulate her.
  • Nathan Bransford's guest poster Kay Elam defines the cozy mystery, and thank God she does because I have long wondered what exactly it means!
  • The Guardian's Robert McCrum (who, by the by, is married to Sarah Lyall, whose book I'm reading RIGHT NOW!!!) writes about Ford Madox Ford's page 99 challenge. Very interesting indeed.
  • Janice Hardy at Meghan Ward's Writerland talks about dialogue. "Don't miss this post," Sierra said, "or else you'll be toast." (Rhymes, yes!)

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