Friday, April 1, 2011

Google Reader Roundup

Happy April Fool's! In lieu of actual brain power (the large, squirmy baby in my belly feasts on it and has taken everything I've got) to think up a lovely April Fool's Day post for you (like last year's), I will invite you instead to just go over to my nemesis' blog and laugh at him for being a fool to think he could ever take me down.

But to other matters, this may (or may not) be your last GRR for a while, and that is no April Fool's day joke. But do not fear! I have some very lovely posts scheduled for you over the next several weeks. I have been busy baking posts for you and freezing them like lasagnas for your reading pleasure.* Call it e-nesting. And some of them are doozies. For example, I have guest posts lined up for you from the likes of: Kristen Lippert-Martin, Julie Dao, Linda Grimes, Anne R. Allen, my nemesis Simon Larter, Meghan Ward, Mike Chen, and Lt. Cccyyyxx.

Plus much more, including regular and original brilliance from moi.**

*credit for that line must go to KL-M.

** See first paragraph of this post.

Now, on to our GRR!

  • Tawna Fenske posts about a most embarrassing experience at work involving farts. Here's the thing. Tawna shows us the power of humor by writing about those really crunchy moments in life. I tend to cringe and dive into a pool of self-loathing about such things. I include this post so we can all learn from her ability to laugh at herself.
  • Jennifer Shirk asks something I've been wondering about for a long time: where is the red-headed hero? Because honestly let's face it: ginger-heads are not revered on men, but on women it's considered sexy and fiery. Why? No reason. I personally like ginger.

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